WNFT Up 167% In The Past Three Weeks Amid Court Developments

WNFT Is Up 167% In The Past Three Weeks Due To Recent Court

Developments That May Bring It Closer To An Eventual Revers Merger.


Worldwide NFT Inc,. (OTCMKTS:WNFT) has been one of the best performing penny stocks on the market over the course of the past month moving from an open at $.02 on October 26th 2022 to a high of $.055 on November 11th 2022 before closing the day out at $.0534. At this close WNFT continues to hold a 167% gain in the past two and a half weeks.

At first glance one would likely be surprised to see a company with “NFT” in its name netting such large share price gains when considering that the cryptocurrency market has been absolutely savaged by huge declines lately but the simple reason for this is that though NFT in name, this is actually a shell stock, that the infamous George Sharp is preparing for a reverse merger.

As we have covered in great detail previously, George Sharp is the man that spearheaded the now market famous TSNP/HMBL reverse merger back in 2020 that saw a total run up from as low as $.0001 prior to merger completion, well beyond $1 making it one of the biggest reverse merger price per share growth successes in the history of the OTC Market. It comes as no surprise to see that WNFT has been picking up significant attention due to the combined recognition that George Sharp is involved and there have been multiple bullish updates coming for the ticker lately.


Recent Development That Has Boosted The Price Per Share Of WNFT:

On November 9th 2022 new life was breathed into WNFT, after George sharp tweeted this WNFT update: https://twitter.com/GeorgeASharp/status/1590423106073821184. In this update George Sharp included files from the Nevada Supreme Court that showed that the court has suggested that Calasse does not have any reasonable legal footing to stand on in order to appeal a ruling that would cancel his WNFT shares because he was not a party in the prior custodianship case. In a follow-up tweet also posted on November 9th 2022, George Sharp made clear that Calasse had 30 days from that point, to provide proof to the Nevada Supreme Court that its belief to this effect is incorrect and then if he does so, WNFT would then have 14 days to respond.

Naturally the two most bullish scenarios would be one in which Calasse either does not issue any form of legal rebuttal, thus allowing for all operations to move forward without difficulty, or one in which Calasse does offer a rebuttal and the court finds it to be insufficient.

We already know from prior reverse merger successes that George Sharp is one of the best in the game when it comes to knowledge of how to handle court dealings regarding shells that he aims to set up mergers for and also for filing important documentation due to his past work for OTC Markets, so WNFT has in our opinion, moved into very bullish territory most particularly if the court fully determines that Calasse has no legal footing in attempts to maintain hold over WNFT shares.



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