MJNA (Medical Marijuana Inc.) saw a close up 51.86% today, after an extensive update from management. Sign up to our fast moving Penny Stock Alerts Today!

MJNA (Medical Marijuana Inc.) had been having a rough patch as of late. When we had initially mentioned this company to Penny Stock Dream newsletter subscribers, those that got actively involved in trading the then, fast moving penny stock, saw gains in the hundreds of percentage points but over ... ... read more »

DHSM (Dhs Holding, Co.) closed up 175% today, after a major news release.

DHSM (Dhs Holding, Co.) saw a major breakout today after a major news announcement, informing investors that they have launched lucky fox casino.com. Before this special announcement many investors had worried that they would be a do nothing shell company focused on nothing but continuous dilutio... ... read more »

ECDC (East Coast Diversified Corp.) up 138.10% so far today on a major breakout.

ECDC (East Coast Diversified Corp.) is seeing a major breakout today, as active penny stock traders have taken up renewed interest in trading its shares. The stock had been seeing sideways action for quite some time, with neither strong upward or downward movement but today is currently still up ... ... read more »

PTSH (Pts, Inc.) sees major mid-day push with 73.91% gains.

PTSH (Pts, Inc.) has been very silent as of late, especially when considering that the company has not released a major press release since early November of last year. Still, with this realization at hand, active penny stock investors were not deterred from taking up some significant positions t... ... read more »

We sent this special alert for BGNNE out at 9:45 am today. It shot up as much as 566.66%

SPECIAL ALERT SAW 566.66% GAINS TODAY! Surprise Play: BGNNE (B Green Innovations)  Yesterday's early alert on RITE was a bit rough. The stock did see early morning gains of 35.71%, but eventually closed in the red. Luckily it managed to hold gains almost into th... ... read more »

TALK (iTalk, Inc.) closed up 11.14% yesterday, after a major press release.

TALK (iTalk, Inc.) saw a major breakout yesterday, as active penny stock investors became energized by an early news release in which they announced a letter of intent to acquire RocketVoIP, Inc. This release shows investors that the company is very active in not only working on current projects ... ... read more »

GLER (Global Earth Energy, Inc.) begins a major trend reversal with a continued breakout.

GLER (Global Earth Energy, Inc.) has seen the general trend of its trading pattern change significantly, after suffering more than two weeks of declines. The positive movement that the company has begun as of late, has greatly introduced Penny Stock Dream in what may be coming next for this heavi... ... read more »

EDXC (Endexx Corp.) closed up another 51.65% today, after a major news announcement.

EDXC (Endexx Corp.) showed the sort of power it can bring to the table today, with a close up 51.65% on significantly increased volume. Average daily volume for this company on a typical day is, 372,973 shares, so considering that today saw over 2.6 million shares traded, it has become quite clea... ... read more »

LOTE (Lot78, Inc.) continues to be one of the strongest penny stocks, seeing gains over 1,564% in 2 months time.

LOTE (Lot78, Inc.) continued to garner major attention within the penny stock exchange today with a close up another 32.56%. With this close, the stock has seen gains of 1,564.3% as of it's highest point today, due to it being on an near daily rise over the course of the past two months. This mov... ... read more »

Today's major new Penny Stock Newsletter play is RITE (MineralRite Corp.)

This is the new Power Play: RITE (MineralRite Corp.)  We noticed a mistake in the newsletter that we sent just a few minutes ago where we forgot to change the company name in the header (the green text). That is why you're getting this second e-mail. We want to... ... read more »
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