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Our Major New Pick In On VGTL (VGTel, Inc.) And It's Already Breaking records For Platinum Members!

May 27 - The New Pick, Is VGTL & It's Already Breaking Records For Platinum Members! Other Sites Will Be Releasing It Soon, As The Days Progress, So Watch It Closely. Earlier today, we released VGTL (VGTel, Inc.) to Platinum Members, As An Exclusive Early New Pick, at 9:30 am and t... ... read more »

After 3,400% Gains On Platinum Picks In 7 Months, A Major New Platinum Pick Is Coming Tomorrow Morning! Subscribe To Get It Early.

May 26 - After 3,400% Gains On Platinum Picks In The Past 7 Months, We Are Releasing A Major New Platinum Pick Tomorrow Morning! Hey Dreamers, this is a special update to let you know that now that we know everyone has gotten through all of their Memorial Day Celebrations, we'... ... read more »

Platinum Member Picks Have Gained Over 3,300% In 7 Months! New Pick Coming In A Few Days. Subscribe To Get It Early.

May 22 - Platinum Member Picks Have Gained Over 3,300% In The Past 7 Months! New Platinum Pick Coming To Platinum Members In A Few Days. We closed out the week nicely today. Our pick on CGRA closed even and is currently up 52.17% from it's low, just 4 days ago, going to show the continued streng... ... read more »

CGRA Has Been Crushing The Markets! Up 52.17% From It's Low Just 3 Days Ago. Special Update And Plans For New Pick.

May 21 - CGRA Is Now Up 52.17% From It's Low Just 3 Days Ago! Plus, Major Expectations Looking Forward. We had yet another big day with CGRA with it closing up an additional 11.11% today, as traders continue to recognize more than ever, the incredible strength that this pick commands. With to... ... read more »

Serious Gains Continuing On For Our Pick On CGRA! Major Update And Info On Upcoming Pick.

May 20 - CGRA Is Proving To Be A Major Contender, Up 37% From The Drop Just 2 Days Ago. This Is A Detailed Update On Everything: We saw another very solid day of trading on CGRA today, with it closing up an additional 8.62%, as it continues to hold powerful gains on its move upward. With this m... ... read more »

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We currently have TLFX and CGRA on watch as our stock picks. Both have been showing incredible gains over the course of the past 2 weeks!

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