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OPTI Has Gained 295.06% In One Week Amid Coronavirus News Related To Re-Opening America!

Aug 05 - Optec International, Inc., (PINK:OPTI) Has Gained 295.06% In Just One Week Amid Major Coronavirus Related News In Effort To Aid Re-Opening Efforts In America.   Optec International, Inc., (PINK:OPTI) has now gained as much as 295.06% since our initial alert on it, just one week a... ... read more »

XTRM and XALL have gained 2,503.7% Combined!

Aug 04 - Extreme Biodiesel, Inc., (PINK:XTRM) & Xalles Holdings, Inc., (PINK:XALL) Have Seen A Combined Gain Of More Than 2,503.7% Since Our Initial Alerts.   On February 13th 2020, we released a dual alert to our Platinum Members privately, on Extreme Biodiesel, Inc., (PINK:XT... ... read more »

Optec International, Inc., (PINK:OPTI) Has Gained 134.57% In Less Than One Week!

Aug 04 - Optec International, Inc., (PINK:OPTI) Has Gained 134.57% Since Our Alerts Began Last Week, And There May Be Farther Growth Ahead.   Optec International, Inc., (PINK:OPTI) has gained as much as 134.57% since our initial alert on it posted less than one week ago. We released our firs... ... read more »

GMGI Has Gained 781.5% And Appears To Be Poised For Further Growth.

Aug 04 - Golden Matrix Group, Inc., (PINK:GMGI) Has Gained 781.5% Since Our Initial Release, And Appears To Be Poised For Further Growth And Expansion.   Golden Matrix Group, Inc., (PINK:GMGI) once again hit a new 52 week high today at $4.24. At that price, GMGI has of... ... read more »

OPTI Closed Up 65.10% On Launch Of "Safe-Scan" Contactless Infrared Temperature Scanners.

Aug 03 - Optec International, Inc., (PINK:OPTI) Closed Up 65.10% After News Of Launching "Safe-Scan" Contactless Infrared Temperature Scanners, To Aid In The Re-Opening Of America.   Last week we released a major alert on Optec International, Inc., (PINK:OPTI) on the morning of ... ... read more »

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