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Market News Update: BTCS Closed Up 46.15% On More Than 345 million shares traded! Traders Hold Out Hope For Coming News.

Jul 27 - BTCS (BTCS, Inc.) proved to be the most powerfully traded penny stock of the day today, gaining incredible attention and seeing over 345 million shares traded and an impressive close up 46.15%. While the movement here has been incredible today, we urge everyone to exercise caution when approac... ... read more »

The American Economy Continues To Grow With The S&P Hitting Record Gains.

Jul 27 - The American Economy has been showing incredible strength, as it has seen steady growth over the course of these past few years. This reality is seen especially when taking into account that just a couple of weeks ago as reported by MSNBC, the S&P 500 hit its first record high in more than a ... ... read more »

Verizon To Acquire Yahoo For $4.8 Billion. C.E.O. Lowell McAdam Says This Increases Their Mobile Media Capabilities.

Jul 26 - Yesterday the news media was all abuzz with talk of a major announcement from Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ), that Verizon will be acquiring Yahoo for $4.8 Billion. This is part of a major bid by Verizon to become a powerful force in the business of mobile media. As reported by CNN, ... ... read more »

The American Economy Is Looking Good. The Stock Market Is Reaching Record Highs And Consumer Spending Is Up.

Jul 17 - The overall economy has been seeing fairly steady gains over the course of the past few years but the latest data is showing that almost across the board, the American economy has surged further ahead, faster than most analysts have predicted. As reported by Yahoo Finance here, while many feared ... ... read more »

KBLB (Kraig Biocraft Laboratories) Has Now Gained 88.44% In The Past Few Days!

Jul 14 - KBLB Up Another 25% As Our Blog Alert Coverage Continues. Up 88.44% In The Past Few Days! KBLB (Kraig Biocraft Laboratories) saw gains for the third day in a row, as our blog coverage continues on this incredible OTC play, with it closing up another 25%. Today's close puts it up 88.44% ... ... read more »

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