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COSM Gained 1,057.53% In Three Weeks And Now Aims To Revolutionize The Weight Loss Industry.

Nov 29 - COSM Has Gained As Much As 1,057.53% In The Past Three Weeks As The Company Now Seeks To Revolutionize The Weight Loss Industry.   Cosmos Holdings Inc., (NASDAQ:COSM) continued to be an absolute powerhouse today with a close up 24.12% at $0.7725. At the mid-day high of the day at $0... ... read more »

COSM Has Gained 371.43% In Two Weeks As A NASDAQ Penny Stock.

Nov 22 - COSM Has Gained 371.43% In The Past Two Weeks As A Rare Fully Reporting NASDAQ Penny Stock.   Cosmos Holdings Inc., (NASDAQ:COSM) has become one of the fastest gainers in the stock market over the course of the past two weeks surging up 371.43% from an open at $.073 on November 9th ... ... read more »

AITX Gained 176.12% In Four Trading Days On News Of Two ‘ASTORS’ Awards Wins For Technological And Security Innovation.

Nov 21 - AITX Gained As Much As 176.12% In The Past Four Trading Days Amid Two ‘ASTORS’ Awards Wins For Technological And Security Innovation.   Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., (OTCMKTS:AITX) closed up an additional 22.73% today with a close at $.0135. At toda... ... read more »

TPTW Closed Up 82.61% Today On Continued Momentum From News Of $650 Million Strategic Investment Partnership.

Nov 16 - TPTW Closed Up 82.61% Today, Due To Continued Momentum Over News Of A $650 Million Strategic Investment Partnership.   TPT Global Tech, Inc., (OTCMKTS:TPTW) stole the show today, outtrading the entire OTC Market and setting itself up as one of the strongest one day ru... ... read more »

XCPL Has Gained 513.33% In The Past Month Due To A Recent Acquisition And Other Developments

Nov 16 - XCPL Gained 513.33% In The Past Month, Greatly Outperforming The Majority Of The OTC Market Due To A Recent Acquisition And Other Developments.   XCPCNL Business Services Corp., (OTCMKTS:XCPL) has been one of the strongest movers in the market lately with a cl... ... read more »

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