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BBUZ Continues To Hold Gains Amid Excitement Over Its Super App.

Dec 03 - BBUZ Gained As Much As 194.26% Since Our Prior Update On It, Amid Excitement Surrounding Its Super App.   Bebuzee, Inc., (PINK: BBUZ) has continued to be one of the strongest OTC penny stocks on the market, since the release of our original update on it back on about six weeks ag... ... read more »

IBGR Up 34.78% On News That A Large Update Is Expected This Coming Tuesday.

Dec 03 - IBGR Closed Up 34.78% Friday, After Announcing That A Major News Update Will Be Coming This Tuesday.   Dryworld Brands, Inc., (PINK:IBGR) closed up 34.78% to end the day at $.0155 this past Friday, after the company posted a tweet stating that a major news event will be released ... ... read more »

BBUZ Closed Up 74.29% Due To Excitement Surrounding The Companies Super App Targeting Numerous Industries.

Oct 25 - BBUZ Up 74.29% Today, Due To Excitement Over Its Super App, Targeting Multiple Industries.     Bebuzee, Inc., (PINK: BBUZ) proved to be a major stand-out within the penny stock market today, with a big close up 74.29% to end the day at $0.122. With this move it has now se... ... read more »

BLFR Gained 8,865.52% In The Past Two Weeks, Due To Oil And Gas Reverse Merger.

Oct 24 - BLFR Gained 8,865.52% In The Past Two Weeks, With Potential For Much More, Amid Recent Oil And Gas Reverse Merger.   BlueFire Equipment Corp. (PINK: BLFR) has been one of the fastest gaining penny stocks on the OTC Market in the past two weeks, with a run up from both an op... ... read more »

AIAD Up 1,575% In 4 Days, Due To Rapid Up-List From OTC Expert Market To Pink Sheets Current.

Oct 24 - AIAD Is Up 1,575% In Four Trading Days Due To Rapid Turnaround From Expert Market, To Pink Sheets Current.   Ai Advertising, Inc., (PINK:AIAD) saw a big close up 34% today to $.0067 capping off the end of what has been one of the wildest and fastest rides straight down an... ... read more »

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