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Our Penny Stock Picks Gained 3,973.21% In The First 7 And A Half Months Of 2021.

Jul 19 - Our Penny Stock Picks Have Seen A Combined Gain Of As Much As 3,973.21% In The First 7 And A Half Months Of 2021. This Is The Full Rundown Of Every Pick Covered So Far This Year.   Hello traders, today we are unveiling the full list of Platinum Member Picks that have been... ... read more »

LCLP Is Up 2,065.71% In The Past Three Days!

Jul 16 - Life Clips, Inc., (PINK:LCLP) Closed Up An Another 70.64% Today. Up 2,065.71% In The Past Three Days!   Life Clips, Inc., (PINK:LCLP) closed up an additional 70.64% today, to close the day at $.0379. This means that it is up 13.81% from our recent LCLP update yesterday morning and n... ... read more »

LCLP Closed Up 1,802.86% On Blockchain Technology Cryptocurrency Exchange, Acquisition News.

Jul 15 - Life Clips, Inc., (PINK:LCLP) Closed Up 1,802.86% Yesterday, On News Of A Definitive Agreement To Acquire Global Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrency Exchange Company, Belfrics Group.   Life Clips, Inc., (PINK:LCLP) saw the largest one day run of the year yesterday, with a cl... ... read more »

DTGI Has Gained 230.07% Since Initial Release, Amid Debt Elimination And Record Revenue.

Mar 22 - Digerati Technologies, Inc., (OTCQB:DTGI) Has Gained 230.07% Since Initial Release, Amid Debt Elimination And Record Revenue.   Today, we are making our first public reveal of the fact that Digerati Technologies, Inc., (OTCQB:DTGI) has secretly been a long-term pick privately alerte... ... read more »

TSNPD Has Gained 1,287,400% In Just Over 4 Months Amid Reverse Merger Completion With Tesoro Enterprises, Inc.

Feb 28 - HUMBL, Inc., (OTCMKTS PINK:TSNPD) Gained As Much As 1,287,400% In The Past Four Months. It Is Officially The First Time We Have Ever Witnessed A Penny Stock Gain Over 1 Million Percent. Here Is The Updated Timeline Of Events That Made This Happen.    It has been near... ... read more »

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