GEQU Is Up 3,085.71% For Our Members! Subscribe To A Platinum Membership, To Get Our Top Picks Early.

Our Pick On GEQU Is Up 3,085.71% For Our Members! Become A Platinum Member To Get Our Top Picks Early. Our pick on GEQU has continued to impress, with a solid close up an additional 12.91% today. With this close, our subscribers have seen GEQU gain 3,085.71% since the initial Platinum Membe... ... read more »

Special Update On BMXC, As We Head Into This New Trading Week.

Updates On BMXC, As We Move Into This New Trading Week Things are moving along more steadily for the recent pick on BMXC, now that the price has stabilized a bit, with it closing up 4.29% this past Friday, to $.146. With the price in this range, there is a lot more room for upward momentum, es... ... read more »

Important Update On Current Movement On BMXC And Expectations Moving Forward.

Important Update On Current Movement On BMXC And Expectations Moving Forward. We had a long talk with BMXC management today and they have continued to hold to their story, stating that they are not doing any selling and have no intention of doing so in the near future. Also e... ... read more »

We Are About To Start Seeing A Steady Flow Of Major News And Developments, Coming From BMXC. If You Haven't Been Watching, The Time To Do So Is Now!

Hopefully You're Paying Attention, Because BMXC Is About To Release A Steady Flow Of Major Developments. This Is A Pivotal Time! As mentioned last night, we have a major update on BMXC today. We can tell you right now, that we stand to see a lot of major news develop... ... read more »

We Have A Major Update On BMXC Coming To You Tomorrow Morning At 7:30 AM! A Lot Of Big Things Will Be Happening Here Moving Forward.

Major Update For BMXC Coming For You Tomorrow Morning A Lot More Is On The Way With This One. It's Only Just Begun. We're going to have a huge update on BMXC ready for all of you tomorrow morning at 7:30 am! This is going to be an important alert touching on what to expect with... ... read more »

Our Pick On GEQU Is Up 2,757.14% For Our Platinum Membership Subscribers! Subscribe Today, For Early Access To Picks.

Our Pick On GEQU Is Up 2,757.14% In Just 3 And A Half Months. Become A Platinum Member For Early Access To New Picks! Our pick on GEQU had a huge close to the upside today, closing out with a 25% gain, after releasing a major news update, announcing that they have entered into a partnership... ... read more »

Special Update On The Current Pick On BMXC. More To Come From Management.

Special Update On Coming News And Growth Plans Set Forth, By BMXC Management. BMXC management got in touch with us earlier today, to further ensure us that any current selling is purely retail. From their words, we are still good to go, as far as any concerns that insiders are liquidating s... ... read more »

After A Talk With BMXC Management, We Are VERY Bullish On This Play. You'll Want To Read This One.

Very Bullish News On BMXC! You Are Definitely Going To Want To Read This One. Very good news from BMXC! We know that many of you were concerned about today's filing, but after a long discussion with a representative of BMXC, in effort to get to the bottom of the concerns over it, we are... ... read more »

A Lot Of Coming Developments Are Expected For Today's New Pick On BMXC!

We Are Expecting Some Serious Updates Soon To Come, From Today's New Pick On BMXC! Hey Dreamers! Today was a seriously wild ride, with the way things came together. As mentioned earlier, we had an interesting glitch. As you already know, BMXC was slated to be released to you tomorr... ... read more »

A Glitch Has Sent Today's Pick On BMXC In Advance! This Is A Huge Advantage.

A Special Glitch Sent You BMXC A Day In Advance! This Is A Huge Advantage. To alleviate confusion, a specal glitch just sent you the pick on BMXC a full day earlier than planned! This can be huge as a result, so be sure to take this as the incredible advantage that it is, as this can a... ... read more »
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