VPER (Viper Networks, Inc.) gained 1,466.66% in the past month! Subscribe to our Penny Stock Alerts Today.

VPER (Viper Networks, Inc.) gained 1,466.66% in the past month!

Subscribe to our Penny Stock Alerts Today.

As of today's high, VPER (Viper Networks, Inc.) has seen gains of 1,466.66% in the past month, proving to be one of the fastest moving penny stocks within this time period, as it has quickly managed to outperform the overall exchange. Over the course of the past month, our Platinum Membership Subscribers have seen gains of 4,800% on our top winning penny stock picks and we believe that if VPER is able to maintain the momentum that it has picked up, as of late, it may very well prove to be the next major mover in our line of winners thus far, for 2014. VPER has shown that it is able to move vry quickly, on comparatively little buying pressure, with today being the largest volume day that it has seen in quite some time. If volume is able to continue picking up from here, we believe that there may be great likelihood, that this play can see significantly higher highs as the weeks progress. The high seen earlier today, goes to show the incredible price spikes that VPER is able to pull off, essentially out of nowhere, so we will continue to keep an eye on this one, to look out for further developments to come. There is a powerful story brewing with VPER, so we suggest that you all keep it on your radar, to be on the lookout for what further updates are to come from here. This play is moving incredibly fast, so you will definitely want to keep tabs on it.



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