SMVI (Social Media Ventures, Inc.) is up 500% in the past 4 trading days.

SMVI (Social Media Ventures, Inc.) is up 500% in the past 4 trading days.

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SMVI (Social Media Ventures, Inc.) has been seeing a significant breakout lately and is certainly one to keep on your watch list, if you haven't been paying it any attention. Interest among investors has picked up significantly, with today seeing over 440 million shares traded and a gain of as much as 60% mid-day. In the past 4 days, SMVI has moved from $.0001 to a close of $.0006 today, for a gain of 500%. An important aspect to keep in mind, is that the high of the day, was $.0008 meaning that if/when the company is able to surpass this price point, there may very well be a blue-sky breakout in the works. If it manages to break the .0008 resistance point, there is no telling how much further it may be able to go, even though the share structure is heavier than what we usually try to work with. Over the course of the past 2 months, our Platinum Members have seen profit potential of more than 2,600% on our fast moving penny stock alerts and we believe that SMVI is quickly shaping up to be another possible winner as things continue to move forward. This is definitely a play that you will want to keep your eyes on as the days progress, especially if the company decides to release any key news developments in the near future.

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