Our Alert on DCLT saw 260.53% gains in just two days!

Our Alert on DCLT (DataCall Technologies, Inc.)

Saw 260.53% Gains, in just 2 Trading days!

We have been seeing an incredible winning streak with our penny stock alerts lately, with one of the most notable being that of DCLT (DataCall Technologies, Inc.) which was released on the morning of December 24th. We released DCLT, early morning around 4 am, via the penny stock blog and various other social mediums and with the next day being Christmas, there was only a half day  of trading; the next day on the 25th the markets were not open for trading at all, due to it being Christmas day. Even with this lost trading time trading into account, after the half-day on the 24th, trading commenced on the 26th, to see DCLT move up as much as 260.53% before closing the day down a bit. Even though the day closed lower, our members still had the opportunity to lock in more than double the levels that they had seen when we had first announced this play and even today, DataCall Technologies, remains at the same .0038 level from which we had initially began, showing that it continues to have a strong basing. Over the course of the past 4 weeks, our VIP Platinum Membership Subscribers, have seen gains of 2,050.53% on our top winning penny stock plays! We are very happy to have been able to bring this play on DCLT to you all, so early on and believe that there may very well be significant room for further growth to continue.

There has been a lengthy stretch of time since the last major news release from the company, so we suggest that you all be sure to keep a close eye out, for the possibility of developments to finally be brought to light, by the company’s management. Also, of important note here, is to recognize fully, that the share structure here, showed 100,109,571 in the float, as of September 3rd, 2013. This tells us that this stock should be able to move fairly easily on relatively light buying pressure, when compared to other penny stocks in its price range, that have far more heavily bloated floats. With all of this taken into account, DCLT seems to be a very viable play among its peers.

The movement that we have managed to see with DCLT, has been nothing short of incredible, within this short time span but still, we will be releasing numerous power plays over the course of these first coming months, of 2014. The only way to receive the early word on these coming power plays, is to ensure that you have subscribed to an exclusive platinum membership package at www.pennystockdream.com/platinum. Platinum Members have seen far greater gains on our top winning alerts because they are able to receive our top information, before it is release to our free members and the general public.



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