NTEK (NanoTech Entertainment, Inc.) is still a major penny stock investment play for 2013.

NTEK did not drop in price today, so much as it consolidated. Consolidation is a very healthy downturn for any stock that has surged as powerfully as NTEK has been lately so before the naysayers can begin to freak anyone out, let's really delve into this because Penny Stock Dream subscribers are still up A LOT here, even with the stock dropping 25.87% today.

First of all, today is Tuesday, January 29th 2013 and today the stock dropped 25.8%. Yesterday NTEK rose 136.47% meaning that things are far more bullish than anything else with this incredible play. Now let's take things a little further. Again, remember today is Tuesday the 29th; Between the beginning of Friday just 4 days ago and now, NTEK is still up over 210% in price! The movement that this stock has seen so far continues to be astronomical. Even another drop of 25% would still show massive gains for people that got in just yesterday.

Why are there those out there that are saying so many bad things about NTEK even as it has shown such great strength?

This ties into the question of how to invest in penny stocks. The general expectation is to buy low and sell high. There are those out there that wish greatly that they had purchased shares earlier on before all of these incredible gains and as such hope to be able to convince people to leave their shares behind so that they can hop in at lower prices. In some respects consolidation gives them this chance but in other respects they are just trying to scare people that may have otherwise not previously had an intention to sell. We say to our Penny Stock Dream subscribers very often that when it comes to investments, especially penny stock investments, you should never allow your emotions to control how you decide to trade throughout the day. Penny stocks are very volatile and at the end of the day it is up to you whether or not you decide to buy or sell utilizing the information that you have been given.

Lately our subscribers have seen incredible profits, far exceeding the general averages seen among other penny stock investment choices. In just the past 16 days our subscribers have seen gains of more than 350% from our top penny stock alerts, meaning that they have averaged more than 160% profits weekly for the past 2 weeks! While we offer free subscription services for basic packages, our Platinum Members have seen far greater profit potential than free members, due to their receiving far more special alerts than our free members. Our free members have only seen 1 special alert in the past month, which saw 136.47% gains in just one day yesterday. Our platinum members have the benefits of often seeing free member special alerts well before free members receive them, while also receiving numerous special alerts that remain a complete secret to free members. To subscribe to our special VIP Platinum packages you can do so at www.pennystockdream.com/platinum.

As always, we are expecting to see a great deal more growth from our special alert platforms as things progress, as we continue to look into new avenues and partnerships that will be most beneficial to our amazing subscribers. This will be a very powerful 2013 for you all.

Good Luck out there Dreamers!


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