NTEK (NanoTech Entertainment Corp.) up 121.18% mid-day after our special penny stock newsletter alert at 7:25 am this morning

After a month long stretch of solely releasing special alerts to our paying Platinum Members, we finally decided to release a full scale Penny Stock Dream alert to all free members early today at 7:25 am covering NTEK (NanoTech Entertainment Corp.). The success of the alert thus far has shown the incredible strength held within the Penny Stock Dream system, as it has already seen gains of 121.18% by 2 pm. The move thus far has been absolutely monstrous, showing the incredible growth that this top penny stock newsletter system has seen since its inception. Never before have we seen the sort of powerful awareness growth that has been brought into the system, as there is today. Already there have been more than 48 million shares traded in NTEK (NanoTech Entertainment Corp.) representing absolutely unheard of dollar volume for a penny stock investment.

Throughout the trading day just about every single pull back in price was eventually met with a significant surge in the price of NTEK. Each and every time a naysayer came into the mix, they were met with a resounding upward and seemingly unending gain as their false claims were drowned out by the excitement of investors. It is a true rarity to see any company trading within the penny stock exchange trade with the level of strength of this one, so Penny Stock Dream is very pleased to be able to say that we were able to get the information out to our incredible subscribers before this run truly kicked off. We expect significant developments to continue to unfold here, so there will be a great deal of reason for investors to continue to turn their attention toward NTEK and further special alerts from penny stock dream. Those wishing to receive special early alerts on various companies before free subscribers do, can feel free to subscribe to our VIP Platinum Membership services at www.pennystockdream.com/platinum.

Good luck to all and once again a special congratulations to all of you that have seen incredible gains from our top penny stock newsletter alert system.


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