Middle Class Wages Saw Record Growth In 2015, According To New Report From The US. Census Bureau. This Is Huge News For The Obama Administration.

U.S. Census Bureau Announces That Middle Class

Incomes Saw Their Fastest Growth Ever Recorded, in 2015.

Today the United States Census Bureau released major findings, announcing that middle class incomes saw their fastest growth on record last year in 2015. This means that since the Census started to compile this information back in the 1960's there has never been faster growth, which will prove to be yet another batch of monstrous news for the strength of the Obama Administration and will undoubtedly prove to be a boon for Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign run, due to her seeming interest in continuing many of Obama's administrative plans as she runs on the most liberal agenda that the Democratic Party has ever seen during a general election campaign. In contrast, these findings make it harder for Donald Trump, being that on of the most fervent messages of his campaign is that America continues to crumble, as incomes fall and unemployment rises. This official census report information goes to show that that quite simply isn't true, with homelessness decreasing by 3.5 million, wages increasing, and the overall economy continuing to show increased strength as we power toward the general election in November. With new-found information like this and the election moving into the close, it will be very interesting to see what more is to come, or if Donald Trump will continue his rhetoric by stating the opposite of what is clearly shown bun indisputable fact within the reporting.

With wages increasing and households having more disposable income, trading moving forward will be getting very interesting, with higher volume and greater enthusiasm among traders. Historically during times in which investors have more household income, the markets tend to come alive more fervently, which should bold very well for our upcoming penny stock picks, as we expect them to garner a great deal of attention. Back in 2014 we saw our stock alerts gain by more than 1,000% each month, for the first four months of the year and with so many households being more financially secure, we are very excited to see what the close of this year will bring for the market and our special alerts moving forward. We have a lot of fresh announcements coming your way that we are expecting to be absolute powerhouses, so be sure to keep a close eye on what is soon to come.

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