Level II Quote, paints a very powerful picture of where QASP is heading.

Level II Quote, paints a very powerful picture of where QASP is heading.

As we continue to provide our Platinum Members with powerful updates on our expectations with QASP and play by play changes within the structure of this play, we feel it of great importance to note publicly, that we believe QASP is on the cusp of a major turnaround. A quick look at Level II Quoting, shows us that there is significant interest in bidding on QASP shares, with selling having almost completely dried up, in that the wall to the upside is incredibly thin. Knowing that the OTC should be ready to have QASP's tier upgraded tomorrow, and likely a major announcement of a marijuana deal completion this week, or next, as well as other developments that will likely be coming to light, we are expecting to see things turn around quickly and powerfully from here.

Already as we are typing this, QASP is making a hard push to the upside from its lows. Check out this Level II shot that clued is into what we believe is to come. Numerous market makers stacked up on the bid vs. very few on the way up on the ask, means that the push can come sooner than most think. QASP is a major play and people are about to find out why. Level II image:



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