If you haven't been watching FITX, you should fix that mistake now. This morning major news was released and it is rocking the marijuana industries World.

FITX is quickly proving itself to be one of the central faces of the marijuana industry.

If you have not been watching it, the time to do so is now.

If FITX (Creative Edge nutrition, Inc.) has not been a stock that you have found yourself keeping an eye on, you might want to re-evaluate your priorities because rarely has a stock trading at it's current price of $.055, ever garnered the sort of attention that it is right now. As our steady readers well know, in recent history, marijuana penny stock plays have proven to be some of our greatest winners, seeing more than 1,000% on our plays within a weeks time; well FITX is another marijuana play that is making fast strides within the industry, that you will certainly want to watch very closely. Over the course of the past month, our Platinum Membership subscribers, have seen profit potential of well over 4,800% on our top winning penny stock plays and we believe that FITX, is a strong candidate to uphold the incredible streak that we have seen lately, so be sure to pay close attention to it.

This morning FITX announced news that may be some of the largest to have ever hit the marijuana field, revealing that they have entered into a collaboration agreement with Growlife, Inc. (currently valued at $.45 per share) to construct “the world's largest and most advanced legal cannabis production facility.” According to the article, the Canadian facility, would be able to produce up to 1.3 million pounds of medical marijuana every year.

Stipulations of the deal, reveal that FITX will be receiving 235,294,118 restricted shares of Growlife, Inc. common stock at $.17. This is a huge deal in the works, that has pretty much turned the entire marijuana industry on it's head for the time being and cast serious recognition toward these two incredibly fast growing companies. If you haven't been watching these plays the time to do so is now because things are changing rapidly. We will be following along and providing more coverage for quite some time, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter alerts at pennystockdream.com and follow along with our blog and social media updates. This is a major occurrence ladies and gentlemen, so we are very happy to have brought this to your attention during this time, which we feel to be the bare beginning of far more to come.



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