HRDN (DC Brands International, Inc.) shot up 300% today! Our alerts on this one released at .0001 are looking very nice for subscribers right now.

HRDN (DC Brands International, Inc.) shot up 300% today! Our alerts on this one released at .0001 are looking very nice for subscribers right now.

We have been waiting for something to happen with HRDN (Dc Brands International, Inc.) for quite some time and tapered off our reporting on it, as it stood at .0001 because the stretch of time that it was taking to shoot up, provided us with ample time to release a steady string of strong releases, that have performed very well for you all. Over the course of the past few trading days, it became clear to us that something major was brewing because after a period of time, in which HRDN was unable to even hold a bid, all of a sudden major trades began to come through at .0001 consistently, for a few days, culminating into the major move up 300%, to $.0004 today. We are very happy to see that our belief in HRDN panned out very well, as it is currently one of the most heavily traded stocks within the penny stock exchange, with it seeing well over 529 million shares traded today. Over the course of the past 6 weeks, our Platinum Members have seen profit potential of well over 5,300% and it looks like HRDN may have what it takes to bring a great deal of further action to our impressive list of winners.

While we do not like to operate on rumor, there have been whispers going around via online financial forums among investors about the possibility that HRDN may be moving into the marijuana industry. We want you to know very well, that the company has not given any official word to this but know that if such an announcement were to be made official, we believe the push would be as astronomical as what we have been seeing play out with our various other marijuana plays. Again, there is absolutely no official word about these suppositions but because so many people have been suggesting such a thing, we feel there can be no harm in keeping it on your radar, in case of such a possibility opening up because we feel that the resulting action would be tremendous.

We will be releasing a new power play in the very near future, that will be sent out to platinum members before anyone else, so if you would like to receive the early first word, remember to subscribe to your exclusive platinum membership package, at This is the only way to receive our very best penny stock alerts, before they are revealed to anyone else. and its employees are not registered as Investment Advisers in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in trading penny stocks, or any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer at:

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