DUSS (Dussault Apparel, Inc), is on full alert!

Very early on in the day we told you that Sunday research is terribly important when investing in penny stocks, due to the bringing in of the new trading week starting tomorrow. Well we have been looking into things ourselves and feel that DUSS (Dussault Apparel, Inc), is an absolutely massive penny stock play that you should all be keeping your eyes on!

A little bit of light research, when looking into the full story of DUSS will show you two very interesting things:

1. DUSS currently trades at only $.001 per share.

2. DUSS is currently one of the most talked about penny stock plays in existence. A great deal more attention is being paid to it all of a sudden and we feel very strongly that trading of this stock is about to get very interesting. We will not be surprised to see some massive trading tomorrow.

Dussault Inc is a brand new reality television show series. Taken from investorshub.com:

"The edgy new docu-sitcom "Dussault Inc." (16 x 30') follows the busy lives of Canadian celebrity streetwear designer Jason Dussault and his gorgeous partner Mashiah Vaughn as they struggle to keep their businesses - and their family - intact. With a million-dollar flagship Dussault Apparel store in Los Angeles, Jason thought they had hit the big-time, selling high-priced custom-made jeans, hoodies, and baseballcaps to rock-and-roll celebrities like Criss Angel, Kid Rock and Nichole Ritchie. But when the economy took a turn for the worse, they lost it all. Now, back in Vancouver with two sons to raise - 15-year-old slacker Ayden and precocious 24-month-old Ronin - Jason is risking everything to bring Dussault Apparel back while Mashiah works her own bath cosmetics line called Open Sundaes. With relationship challenges, heated family feuds, over-the-top personalities, and money tighter than ever, one thing is for sure - it is going to be one hell of a ride! "Dussault Inc." is produced by Vancouver-based Papery Films."

Not too many small companies can boast of such an impressive project. As we all know, as is often the case when investing in micro-caps, many of them have concepts, designs, and forward-looking statements, that NEVER seem to actually become physical realities that we can try out or purchase. Clearly DUSS looks to break out of the negative stigma of penny stocks and prove itself to be one of the best picks around for the time being.

Now, Dussault is no one trick pony. Not only do they have the reality tv show going on but they also have their own clothing line, which can be seen here: http://www.dussaultapparel.com/

Keep a very close eye on this impressive stock pick, as it is in the midst of a significant breakout, having moved up 25% by the close of trading last Friday. We highly suggest that all of our followers and direct subscribers to our free penny stock newsletter at www.pennystockdream.com keep up with this one. We believe that those that have taken up positions may find themselves sitting quite nicely as things continue to progress here. It is not too often that you see plays of this caliber come around and as always we aim to get you the info before any massive run has begun.

Good Luck as always!



This is nothing more than an advertisement, and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any security whatsoever. Before following, reading, acting, or even down right believing anything that we say via any medium, we strongly suggest that you conduct your own research and read our websites full disclaimer found here: http://pennystockdream.com/disclaimer


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