CPHI (China Pharma Holdings, Inc.) closed up 40.72% today, on massive volume!

All right, well maybe the volume traded on CPHI (China Pharma Holdings, Inc.) today, wasn't exactly "massive," but considering the current price per share, with that volume in mind, the dollar volume traded was incredible. Over the course of the day, there was nearly $300,000 worth of trades on CPHI today, which when taken into account, the fact that the company closed up a whopping 40.72%, should come as no surprise. While CPHI is currently still a penny stock, the rice per share is really up there when it comes to the pricey side of the penny stock exchange, which makes today's trading all that more impressive. Currently this fast paced play is trading at $.47, well above the far more price depressed norms that penny stock investors generally encounter. We suggest that subscribers practice serious caution, in case you may be thinking about getting into this one because today's run was so serious, that we seriously expect to see a dip tomorrow, as the price corrects itself but as always, we could be wrong. Regardless, CPHI will be a fun one to watch, as we head into the last trading day of the week.

The move with CPHI today, was incredible for a company trading within its range but still we want to ensure that all of you are watching our main special alert on TEMN (Team Nation Holdings), very closely because even though it already saw 2,200% gains over the course of the past 3 weeks, we are still expecting a great deal of movement from that one. Management has continued to show significant interest in doing the very best possible job that they can, to bring positive movement for investors, so be sure to continue watching it very closely. We continue to believe that there may very well be a major news announcement coming in the near future.

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