CBIS (Cannabis Science, Inc.) has now gained 255.41% since our initial alert earlier this month. Our marijuana penny stocks are moving fast!

CBIS (Cannabis Science, Inc.) has gained 255.41% since our initial alert earlier this month. 

Our Marijuana Penny Stocks Are Moving Fast!

CBIS (Cannabis Science, Inc) has continued to show our subscribers incredible gains, which continues to bode very well for our main marijuana penny stock play on ENDO (Endocan, Corp.). Many investors have failed to recognize that there is a direct working relationship between ENDO and CBIS through a partnership, so anything good for CBIS, should also be good for ENDO in the long run. With the movement seen with CBIS, ENDO and various other fast moving picks of ours, over the course of the past 4 weeks, our Platinum Membership subscribers have now seen profit potential of more than 4,800% over the course of the past month of trading alone! This movement has been absolutely incredible and truly goes to show the advantages of subscribing to our VIP level Platinum Membership platform, due to the ability to see many of our fastest moving penny stock alerts, well before they are released to anyone else.

Our initial alert on CBIS was released through the penny stock blog and our various social networking platforms, a few weeks ago, on January 3rd at 9 am, when it was trading at just $.0799 per share. As of yesterdays high, within less than 4 weeks time, our penny stock alert on CBIS saw gains of 225.41%, as of yesterdays high. Though ENDO does continue to be our main marijuana penny stock play, being that we expect explosive recognition to come its way within the relatively near future, we do still continue to believe that CBIS also continues to hold incredible potential for the future, especially with regard to its ongoing partnership with ENDO. We look forward to seeing what more is to come from this partnership as things progress for these two companies. We expect things to get very exciting from here for both of these plays.



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