BGNN ran 566% in just 9 days, when we initially alerted it to our subscribers. It may be time to watch it closely once again.

BGNN ran 566% in just 9 days, when we initially alerted

it to our subscribers. It may be time to watch it closely once again.

When we last alerted BGNN (B Green Innovations, Inc.) it ran 566% for our subscribers within 9 days. Now, with attention turning to it once again, after seeing gains of as much as 1,300%, within the past 3 weeks, it may be high time that we all began to watch it closely once again. It seems that it is beginning what many may like to call a “seasonal run,” being that BGNN gained major traction after our special alert last year around the same time. With the sort of attention that it has managed to gather lately, there is a strong possibility that it may be able to continue to see greater heights as things progress, especially if there so happen to be any significant news releases. Over the course of the past two weeks, our Platinum Membership subscribers, have seen profit potential of more than 660%, on our penny stock alerts and we believe that BGNN may be able to once again, prove itself to be a powerhouse, at least in the short term, if the momentum buildup is able to be sustained. We highly suggest that all of you continue to keep a very close eye on BGNN, over the course of this week, for the possibility of a continued run.

This year has been an impressive one for our awareness platform, with almost every single newsletter seeing 100-557% gains on companies alerted, aside for our most recent special alert, that has so far, only seen as much as 60% gains but when that is the slowest play around, you know you're doing something right. We will be releasing numerous new power plays in the near future, that we feel have explosive potential to see significant movement. These new announcements will be released to our Platinum Members, before they are seen by anyone else. If you would like to receive the early word on these new plays, subscribe to your exclusive platinum membership package at This is the only way to ensure that you are able to receive our very best penny stock alerts before they are fully released to the overall public. and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser's in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer for this announcement here:

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