The Five Best Penny Stock Newsletters

The Five Best Penny Stock Newsletters

Penny Stock Newsletters are an important source of information for traders that are looking to learn about small companies that do not receive market news reporting from mainstream sources. It is for this reason that we have compiled a list of our own reviews of the the best penny stock newsletters to subscribe to, in order to help traders know where to find information on small OTC stocks with high potential for growth.

This is our list of the best penny stock newsletters:

1. Penny Stock Dream ($60 Monthly, or $450 Yearly Membership)

Dream's operating managers founded this penny stock newsletter service in 2012. Since it's creation the Dream platform has provided more than 4,000 individual reports on penny stocks and works hard to bring the most viable information to traders quickly. Dream's has seen many of it's picks gain 1,000-10,000%+ for its Platinum Membership Subscribers. Platinum Membership allows members to see important new penny stock picks and announcements before they have been fully released to free members and the public.
Platinum Membership subscriptions are for $60 per month or $450 for a yearly membership, which is a discounted $270 less than maintaining a monthly membership for a full year. A solid deal considering that 7.5 months of $60 payments is the cost of a year of membership under the annual plan.


2. Penny Pro Newsletter ($99 Monthly, or $3,999 Yearly Membership)

Penny Pro has a well established relationship within the trading community and has many traders that follow their information on a daily basis. Their monthly fee allows you to keep up to date with stocks that they find to be interesting, as well as chat access and 5-10 daily high potential growth picks a day. Their full $3,999 annual membership allows you to get more direct access to the four seasoned traders that run the site, which could potentially be a major aid when trying to make key decisions in the middle of a trading day. At the same time, we must remember that higher pricing does not necessary mean greater results, as there are even free newsletter services that have been found to bring some solid information to traders.

3. Top Stock Picks ($199 Yearly, or $1,999 Yearly Premium Membership)

Top Stock Picks tends to be one of the lesser known newsletter sites out there but they have proven to be a solid source of information on penny stocks and as such definitely deserve a mention. They offer a daily watch list for hot stocks as well as premium support for their $199 annual Trade-Scout membership. For $1,999 per year they offer a more all encompassing package that provides traders with video trading lessons, email alerts to provide live trading updates, daily watch-list information and SMS/text alerts, as well as premium support for all information, to aid traders that want to know more.

4. Penny Stock Egg Head ($97 Lifetime Membership)

Penny Stock Egg Head proves a great example of a newsletter service that does not cost an arm and a leg for some stellar results, thought the price may suggest that there could be more left to be desired. This platform is run by self proclaimed math Genius Nathan Gold, who has utilized his own critical reasoning and analytical skills to amass his own fortune. Since making a solid nest egg for himself, he has turned his sites to penny stocks and created a newsletter to aid traders in learning more about OTC stocks that trade under $5 per share. Penny Stock Egghead has been up and running for a little under 6 years and charges $97 for lifetime membership.


5. PennyStock.Com ($89 Yearly Membership)

Needless to say, with a domain name like “Penny Stock” this is one of the longest standing sources of information on OTC stocks in existence. This site used to offer a free penny stock newsletter service but as the site grew largely due to their opportune name, they switched their subscription rate to an $89 annual service. They offer the second year free after subscription to the annual payment plan and after that, provide many newsletter releases each year, on penny stocks with significant growth potential. This is one of the most aged operators within the OTC market and has a long-standing reputation for providing in-depth information on these small companies.


This list of the best penny stock newsletters is a good place to start looking into these programs but there are literally hundreds of platforms to choose from, with most providing information on all sectors like the ones above, while there are others that are entirely industry specific, catering only to stocks operating within certain industries. To truly get a feel for the full wide-ranging scope of options, you will have to search through the multitude of other options because the above strictly represents penny stock newsletter options that we have personally reviewed.

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