8 Marijuana Penny Stocks To Watch in 2023

8 Marijuana Penny

Stocks To Watch In 2023


We have been reporting on happenings within the penny stock market for nearly a decade and throughout that time some of our fastest gaining picks have been marijuana and CBD stocks. In fact one of our most famed time periods with those companies was late 2013 to early 2014 where we released numerous cannabis and weed stocks to our Platinum Membership Subscribers that showed them average gains of 1,100% per month for four months straight!

It is because of the major gains on our marijuana stock picks and our excitement about the growth of the CBD products industry, that we have chosen to curate this list of 10 marijuana penny stocks that we believe hold a great deal of potential for growth in 2023:


1. Freedom Leaf, Inc (OTCMKTS:FRLF)


Freedom Leaf, Inc was one of the fastest growing marijuana penny stocks last year which was especially good news for our Platinum Members because they received it on 11/9/17 well before the move, when it was trading at just $.0574. By 1/29/18 FRLF hit $.4719 for a gain of 722.12% within about two and a half months. Nine months later, on 10/15/18 FRLF hit a high of $0.7952 marking a 1,285.37% gain after release to Platinum Members! To get picks like this early, BECOME A PLATINUM MEMBER.

Even with all of the incredible price appreciation that FRLF has already seen, we still believe that it holds incredible potential for further growth because of the well thought out and streamlined process that management has been putting forth. FRLF is not your typical penny stock that provides little information and key filings because it trades on the more well respected OTCQB exchange tier, which requires transparency in filing audited financial reports. The company has a well managed share structure with a low float relative to many other weed stocks in the industry, which goes to show that management has been more interested in growing the brand than diluting the stock.

A very interesting note about Freedom Leaf is that The Chairman of the board for this company is Paul Pelosi Junior, the son of Nancy Pelosi, who is the the U.S. Speaker of The House, meaning that there are all sorts of special alliances that can be made due to the sort of access that he has to deep pocket investors. Testament to this fact came in FRLF announcing that they received a direct investment from Cannabis private equity firm Merida Capital Partners. Merida has a strong history of providing early funding to numerous medical marijuana and hemp/cannabis related companies that went on to become major successes. Since then FRLF has continued to see strong business growth.

FRLF is definitely one to watch as the excitement surrounding marijuana companies continues to grow, as easing rules and regulations continue to open up new opportunities for the marijuana industry.


2. American Premium Water, Corp. (OTCMKTS:HIPH)


American Premium Water, Corp is focused on production and sale of consumer products in the health, beauty, and bio tech sectors. The company has a line of cannabidiol (CBD) infused products to treat health disorders and enhance quality of life. The company incorporates blockchain technologies in their expansion efforts.

Notice in the above description from the company's profile as shown on OTC Markets, the buzzword “blockchain” is used, meaning that this company is actively engaged in the three hottest investment sectors that keep people on their toes: 1. Blockchain 2. Technology and 3. CBD.

American Premium Water, Corp is a pick that has been performing powerfully for our Platinum Membership Subscribers who received it on 11/27/18 when it was trading at just $.0398. With thanks to Congress recently passing the $867 billion Farm Bill that legalized Hemp as an agricultural product things have started to pick up very quickly for HIPH. On December 14th 2018, we released an important update to traders stating that HIPH would likely see a significant rise in value as a result of the passing of the bill. One month later on 1/15/19 it closed up 103.53% in a single day. That move came after the company released a press release stating that they have landed a financing agreement with an institutional investor that valuates American Premium Water, Corp at $0.40 per share which would be a substantial increase from the current price point.


3. Canopy Growth, Corp. (NASDAQ:CGC)


Canopy Growth, Corp is headquartered in Smiths Falls, Canada and primarily engages in the growing, possession, and sale of medical cannabis in Canada. The reason for our excitement with this one, is that it has quickly grown to become one of the better known names within the industry, often landing coverage within the main stream press. The recognition has lead to the company managing to lock down the sort of funding that stretches far beyond the bounds of most of their competition.

The most notable key component to look out for with Canopy Growth, Corp is the fact that they have just recently launched an aggressive push into the American medical cannabis market with thanks to the recent passing of the $867 billion Farm Bill mentioned above. On 1/14/19 the company announced that they struck a deal with the State Of New York to process Hemp and create hemp-based consumer goods products. Hemp is a strain of cannabis that is low in cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and does not produce the effects that one would get from smoking or ingesting marijuana.

In return for being granted a license by NY State for the production and processing of hemp, Canopy Growth intends to invest $100 million to $150 million to help establish a "hemp industrial park" that can process a significant amount of hemp annually.

Canopy Growth “offers its products under the Tweed, Black Label, Spectrum Cannabis, DNA Genetics, Leafs By Snoop, Bedrocan Canada, CraftGrow, and Foria brand names. It also offers its products through Tweed Main Street, a single online platform that enables registered patients to purchase medicinal cannabis from various producers across various brands.”


4. Village Farms International, Inc. (OTCQX:VFFIF).


Village Farms International, Inc was already a massive corporation prior to making a decisive push into the marijuana and hemp industries and recently landed approval to up-list from the OTCQX to NASDAQ. This is a huge development for the company, especially when considering there are less than ten marijuana industry stocks that have become listed on the big board exchanges thus far.

Village Farms is one of the largest producers of premium quality greenhouse vegetables in North America. Their vegetables are grown hydroponically and are not genetically modified. Their approach has led them to become an industry leader with respect to their sales, distribution, and marketing efforts. They “own and operate seven greenhouse facilities in British Columbia and Texas. Also markets, provides technical support, and logistics services for over 200 acres of greenhouse production throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.”

On December 13th 2018 just two months ago, Village Farms announced that they intended to “aggressively pursue” business opportunities in the hemp and CBD industries due to greater legal clarity and expanded opportunity, as a result of the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. This was the same Farm Bill that we mentioned would bring major benefit to our Marijuana and CBD picks and saw our pick on HIPH gain over 100% in a single day, soon after.

Within that release, Village Farms stated that they may potentially convert a portion of their 5.7 million square feet of high-tech greenhouse operations in West Texas, toward focusing on hemp. This would immediately provide them with a huge advantage over much of the competition within the industry being that so many companies and especially those trading as penny stocks, do not have anywhere near the same level of access to greenhouse production facilities.

On February 8th 2019 Village Farms announced that the its cannabis joint venture agreement with Pure Sunfarms Corp “has landed a supply agreement with, the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (“OCRC”), operating as the Ontario Cannabis Store (“OCS”), to supply the OCS with Pure Sunfarmsbranded cannabis products for the non-medical market in the Province of Ontario.” Village Farms has completed conversion of its growing facilities to handle Marijuana production and expect the annual production rate to hit around 75,000 kilograms per year by June 2019.

An important thing that we like to mention regarding up-listing to higher trading tiers is that the higher the tier, the greater the amount of dollar volume, that is seen by the company on average. This is because higher trading tiers require increasing levels of transparency from the company in order to be listed. A Pink Sheets no information tier company is one that is not making information and filing of financial statements available to the company, while a Pink Sheets current company is making the bar minimum of information public in order to attain that listing. From there you have the elevated OTCQB listings which require further documentation like audited financial statements all the way up to OTCQX which is the most transparent and highly respected tier of OTC stocks.

Unsurprisingly being listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE is somewhat of a pipe dream for penny stock investors in the hope that whatever stock they are trading for pennies or less will one day prove itself and be traded on the NASDAQ or other major big board exchange because this would allow for greater legitimacy in public perception, higher trading volume, and open the company up to forms of funding that could not previously be accessed. In the case of VFFIF the company received official notice from NASDAQ stating that they have received approval for listing. We believe that the increased liquidity that would come from a NASDAQ listing and general continued growth of the business that could be sped up as a result, will see significant price appreciation from here.


5. MPX Bioceutical, Corp (OTCQX:MPXEF)


For those of you that do not already recognize the various tiers of the OTC market, MPX Bioceutical, Corp. (OTCQX:MPXEF) trades on the OTCQX putting it head and shoulders above the bulk of the other companies trading on the OTC Market. OTCQX is the absolute highest trading tier of the OTC and the fact that MPXEF trades on the OTCQX means that the company is remarkably transparent in providing key information about its inner workings by making the filing of key information available to be read and analyzed by their investors and the overall public. This is a far cry from the vast majority of penny stocks that provide little to no information by way of public filings. This transparency means that companies trading on this tier tend to attract greater investor confidence and as such see larger volume on average, than companies trading on lower tiers.

MPXEF's standing within the marijuana industry is significant for a penny stock, as its market cap is currently standing over $352 million, which is a figure that would surprise many considering that the general stigma of penny stocks is that people assume that they all have a dire lack of funding.

At the tail end of 2018 MPXEF was awarded 4 retail license in Nevada, they opened new dispensaries in Maryland and Baltimore Even more notable, is that on 10/18/18 the company announced that they merged with iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc (CSE:IAN, OTCQX:ITHUF). This deal represented the first merger of two publicly traded cannabis stocks in the history of the United States. This deal also expanded the companies operations into 10 new states in the U.S.

All of the above is truly testament to why MPX Bioceutical, Corp should be on your radar. They have substantial financial backing and are quickly making power moves. They are also expanding their reach into New York City, which is expected to become one of the largest financial markets in the world for marijuana sales.


6. Sugarmade, Inc. (OTCQB:SGMD)


Sugarmade, Inc. (OTCQB:SGMD) is a highly transparent OTCQB medical marijuana penny stock. Trading on the OTCQB requires the company to make publicly available, important filings that provide a solid look into the financial workings of the company. As a result of this companies that trade on this tier tend to see greater volume on average than most companies tht trade on the Pink Sheets.

SGMD has a well managed float and an increasing base of awareness among investors to the companies internal growth.

On 2/6/19 Sugarmade announced that the company was exercising an option to acquire BZRTH, LLC and that the terms of the deal upon closing would have all BZRTH revenue brought under and reported by Sugarmade, which would provide a significant and sudden increase to overall revenue for the company. Exercising this option means that there are no shares needed for completion, which protects SGMD shareholders from dilution.

Sugarmade also recently announced that the company intends to acquire Athena United, which is a specialist company that provides hydroponic supplies to large commercial cultivators. Athena United is expected to produce about $40 million in annual revenue, which yet again would, greatly increase the overall balance sheet for Sugarmade and should prove to be very beneficial to shareholders.

Sugarmade also recently announced intent to acquire Hydro4Less, which is a Washington state hydroponic supplier. Hydro4Less is expected to generate $5 million in annual revenue. As you can see these various means of sharply increasing revenue are really stacking up and go to thow why we hold great expectation for the growth of this company.

Finally Sugarmade, Inc. has also acquired an option to acquire two additional locations, that are expected to produce over $20 million in revenue annually.The CEO of Sugarmade stated that the current acquisitions making Sugarmade one of the larger suppliers to marijuana marketplace and the company is still looking into further acquisition targets.

With all of the above said, this company is sounding far more like a Blue Chip Stock than a typical penny stock and as such is one that should certainly be watched for the potential of major developments this year.


7. Canbiola, Inc., (OTCQB:CANB)


Canbiola, Inc., (OTCQB:CANB) represents a more solidified business model than the bulk of other CBD related companies. They are listed on the elevated OTCQB market due to their adherence to full transparency with filing of information and currently hold a market cap above $27 million. The CEO has boasted that the locker rooms of all major sports teams carry their CBD patches for the medication of any sports pains and on January 1st 2019 the company essentially announced landing a $20,000,000+ deal. How so? Their news release stated that they have launched a CBD wellness solution for tissue healing and chronic pain through Sustained Acoustic Medicine (“SAM”). SAM combined with their CBD Gel Patches “can accelerate tissue healing and chronic pain reduction and is reimbursable by health insurance companies.”

CANB's product, the “'SAM Pro 2.0' is the first and only FDA cleared wearable low-intensity ultrasound device delivering multi-hour treatment to accelerate healing and improve function for musculoskeletal injuries (muscle, tendon, ligament) and reducing chronic pain. Canbiola and its Duramed subsidiary have attained exclusive distribution of SAM Pro 2.0 in the United States for no-fault insurance. Under its agreement with Sam International and ZetrOZ Systems, Canbiola is committed to purchasing 100 units per month starting in January and ramping to 150 units per month by June, for a total of 1,650 units for 2019.”

The release went on to state that there is potential of $14,210 in gross revenue per year PER UNIT. Naturally one would expect that not all units would pull the full $14,210 but 1,650 Units X $14,210 = $23,446,500 and this product is only one out of a very broad spectrum of CBD infused products in Canbiola's line-up!

CANB is listed on the high tier OTCQB due to their adherence to full transparency in filing of key documents with OTC markets. OTC stocks that trade on the OTCQB tend to see higher volume due to increasing investor confidence in the perceived legitimacy of the company.


8. Rimrock Gold, Corp. (OTC Pink: RMRK)


Rimrock Gold Corp. (OTC Pink:RMRK) is the most early stage marijuana stock on this list that is making a decisive move toward expanding into the CBD market. As has become well known within the marijuana and CBD industries, there are a lot of companies out there that have made moves to capitalize off of the hype surrounding the growth of the industry, rather than actually building a real business and as such, many companies that make sudden forays into the marijuana industry, tend to be the most likely to end up getting involved for the wrong reasons.

RMRK is a company that did in fact make a sudden pivot toward the marijuna industry but their actions thus far suggest that they may legitimately be aiming to bring real growth to their company within the sector and though of course only time will tell, we do like the developments that we have seen from them thus far. 

Here are key aspects of some past releases from Rimrock Gold, Corp:

1. On 9/18/18 Rimrock announced that they launched a wholly owned subsidiary, “Acqua Cannabis, Corp” for the purpose of moving into the cannabis, hemp, and canniboid industry. With that announcement they also revealed that their audited financial statements for August 31st 2015 through August 31st 2017 had been completed and filed as well as their filing for the first three months of 2018. This sort of transparency is key toward up-listing to higher tiers of the OTC and is why they are currently listed on the Pink Current tier.

2. On 10/9/18 the company released a news update announcing that their wholly owned subsidiary Acqua Cannabis Corp entered a joint venture agreement with Medican Enterprises, Inc. Under this agreement Acqua Cannabis Corp agreed to develop five cannabis greenhouses over the course of the next two years with the first one to be completed with the first 6 months from that announcement. Medican allocated 30 acres of land for Acqua's greenhouse operations. The terms of their agreement with Medican are slated to last for 7 years.

3. On 12/6/18 Rimrock Gold, Corp announced that Acqua Cannabis, Corp entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire all of the assets of Hemp Tradition, LLC. As a result of this acquisition Acqua planed to “begin the branding, packaging and distribution of selected CBD products as wholesale items, and with an e-commerce platform.” The further planned to move the packaging, marketing and administrative offices into a 5,000 sq ft. warehouse and office in Miami, Florida. Board Of Directors appointee Dr. Hugo was also announced to have been assembling a team to manage, operate, package and distribute Hemp Tradition products.

4. On 2/6/19 Rimrock Gold, Corp released a news announcement stating that their wholly-owned subsidiary Acqua Cannabis Corp entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with One Step Vending Corp (KOSK), in which Acqua Cannabis would deliver CBD products to One Step Vending, for placement in their vending machines. At the time of the release the company was negotiating the final terms of the agreement and expected to finalize a definitive agreement by the end of the second quarter. In the interim after that announcement, One Step Vending placed an initial order for CBD products with Acqua that was expected to ship within weeks of that news release.

On top of all of the above announcements Acqua also hired a marketing firm to aid in the promotion and marketing of their CBD product line throughout Florida for the duration of one year.

While Rimrock was previously a full-on shell stock with no significant business operations it is very exciting to see how quickly they have pushed forward with their plans within the Cannabis and CBD product-line sectors. Once again we recommend operating with caution due to the questionable nature of companies all of a sudden choosing to move into fields that are the new hot thing but regardless while we do hope that they prove themselves to be fully devoted to the industry in effort to bring sustained growth, we believe that there there is price growth to be seen here whether or not Rimrock Gold proves itself to be a major contender within the industry.




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