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After A 107.69% Gain On FUSZ For Our Platinum Members Since Last Week, It Is Now Publicly Released!

Apr 20 - This Massive Platinum Member Pick Is Finally Being Released To The Public: FUSZ Hey Dreamers, this is a massive alert on a new pick, that we are finally sending you after Platinum Members have already seen a 107.69% gain on it in the past week! The pick is on FUSZ, which clos... ... read more »

Platinum Members Have Seen Their Picks Gain 1,206% In The Past 5 Months!

Apr 10 - Platinum Members Have Seen As Much As A 66.92% Gain In The Past 2 Days And 1,206% In The Past 5 Months! Hey Dreamers, this year has been absolutely massive and this week has been no exception because in just the past two days Platinum Members have seen their picks gain a... ... read more »

Our New Platinum Pick Is Seeing Major Movement! Serious Potential For More To Come.

Apr 09 - Today's New Platinum Pick Already Saw A Huge Gain And Still Holds Potential For Another 400%+ Gain!   Hey Dreamers, this is a special update to bring your attention to the fact that today's new Platinum Pick saw massive gains and absolutely incredible dollar volume traded.&nbs... ... read more »

Tomorrow's New Platinum Pick Has Serious Potential To See A More Than 500% Gain In The Mid-Term!

Apr 08 - Tomorrow's New Platinum Pick Has Potential To Run More Than 500% And The Excitement Is VERY Real! Hey Dreamers, we just released a MASSIVE late night update to Platinum Members about a new Platinum pick that has the potential to see a more than 500% gain in the short, to mid term... ... read more »

ONCI Closed Up Another 31.82% Today, As Our Coverage Continues.

Apr 04 - ONCI Closed Up Another 31.82% As Excitement Grows Over Their Planned Share Reduction, Name Change, And Marijuana Company Acquisition.  Recently on March 23rd 2018, we released a special alert on On 4 Communications, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ONCI), urging traders to take it seriousl... ... read more »

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