Frequently Asked Questions | Stock Newsletter Alerts

When will I receive my first newsletter?

We strive to release at least one major new penny stock pick to our newsletter subscribers each week but this of course varies being that there are always so many constant changes within the market and with each change we grow and adapt to the situation at hand. With that said there have been time periods where we choose to stick to the same picks for a more extended period of time and other situations where we have released 2 or even 3 picks within a week. It really all does depend on what we feel to be the best options for our subscribers.

Also of important note, is the our Platinum Membership Subscribers get the vast majoriy of our best newsletter picks well in advance of free members or the general public. Platinum Members also get secret picks that are never released to anyone else, as well as private updates and alerts on their login portal on the site, allowing them the most powerful and advantageous experience that our platform can offer.

Are your penny stock text alerts free?

We offer our penny stock text messaging (SMS) alert service absolutely free of charge. This provides you with the free text alerts for updates sent to members on the free newsletter subscription service.

If you would like exclusive stock alerts through text message that provide early access to our penny stock picks Subscribe To A Platinum Membership and add your phone number to the text service form on the Platinum sign-up page. This provides text message alert on Platinum Picks that are released well in advance of free members and the general public, providing a major advantage in receiving early access to new picks. Platinum Members have seen gains of as much as 1,100% per month in the first 4 months of 2014 and have seen many other major gains since.

Do you guarantee gains?

No one can truly guarantee gains on investments in the stock market, and if they do, you should be wary of their potentially shady intentions. There are always risks when it comes to investments, especially if those investments are in penny stocks. It is for this reason that we always tell our newsletter subscribers to exercise caution when looking at our alerts. While there are risks involved, our track record speaks for itself, with many of our past penny stock picks having seen incredible gains, with numerous picks moving up 100-4,000%+ or more. We even had one pick gain over 80,000% within one week, though of course we would like to mention that that is not your typical gain.

Will this service always be free?

While the free version of this newsletter service comes at no cost, as our platform continues to grow, we may one day decide to make it an entirely pay only service. If you lock in a free subscription now, you will never have to pay for this newsletter service unless you opt to subscribe to our EXCLUSIVE PLATINUM SECTION to gain early access to the best picks. Otherwise, there is no risk of ever having to pay if you subscribe to a free membership today.

So if I sign up for the free newsletter, I will never have to pay for this subscription?

That's correct, however if you like our newsletter it would be appreciated if you recommend it to your friends and family. Also, try to think of our analysts and all the hard work they do for you. Send them a thank you e-mail when you make money with a stock. Those are simple things, but they are very appreciated.

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