Within 4 months, subscribers to our Penny Stock Newsletter Platform, saw our Alerts gain more than 4,000%. We believe that we are about to see another major surge!

After 4,000% Gains in 4 months, major new Penny Stock Picks are coming!

Subscribe to an Exclusive Platinum Membership, to get them early.

This year has been a huge one for our subscriber base. From January 1st 2014, to mid April 2014, our Penny Stock Alerts, saw gains of more than 4,000%, showing our Platinum Members unheard of gains, within a period of less than 4 months. Since this time period, we have scaled back our services significantly, showing our free subscribers only two newsletters over the course of the past month and a half. In the past, we have revealed far more to our free members but with subscription rates growing at such a rapid pace, we have decided to instead shift the focus over to our paying Platinum Members, who are not only receiving our very Best Penny Stock Picks but are also receiving secret updates via their own private login section on the website, giving them incredible advantages when looking into the fastest moving picks.

Will free coverage move back up to where it was? Probably not. In the past, free members have seen incredible gains on their continued alert system, receiving many of the alerts that Platinum Members did but just nowhere near as early. With Platinum Memberships growing at such a rate, this has almost brought us to forgo the free side of things almost completely. Free Members will likely see their special alert platform scaled back even more significantly over time. While Platinum Members will continue to average at least one or two major new picks a week, free members will likely only be receiving one pick every one to three months. While the pick will be a big one, it will pale in comparison to the frequency with which platinum members receive major announcements. If you would like to receive all of our best alerts ahead of the crowd, be sure to subscribe to a platinum membership package today!

We are very excited about the prospects of our picks, as we move forward and believe that we will be seeing some incredible growth rates, as we continue to unveil more special plays. Get ready platinum members because you are going to be receiving these big new announcements before anyone else. The duration of 2014 is going to be very exciting!



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