With the coming of the New Year the Top Penny Stock Newsletter Picks will become stronger.

We have stated on the pennystockdream.com blog time and time again, that the penny stock market would be hit very hard by the coming of the end of the year and so far it seems we have been quite correct. Over these past few weeks some of the top penny stock picks across the board have been struggling to maintain their share prices in the face of rampant end of year selling. We were sure to tell all of our subscribers about this coming reality, well before it came into play because we recognize through our involvement in the penny stock exchange, that this is an annual occurrence, stemming from the overall penny stock investor ideology of selling off shares toward the end of the year to aid in filing taxes to record losses at the end of the year. It is because this strategy takes place each and every year that we were able to forewarn all of you about these happenings well before they were able to impact anything regarding the overall penny stock exchange.

Although we operate within the realm of the riskiest of investments, pennystockdream.com still opts for the top penny stocks when it comes to calculated risks. Remember that in any form of investment, there are always avenues to look into that may be able to decrease the level of risk, or at the very least ease your minds eye with regard to the possibilities surrounding a particular investment. Penny Stock investments are always a great risk but if you truly conduct proper research it becomes increasingly easier to unearth more viable investments. Take GARB for instance; it was not very difficult for us to come to the conclusion that GARB was an incredibly risky investment choice and in fact so risky that not only did pennystockdream.com as an organization not want to get anyone involved with it but for the first time opted to release a set list of reasons as to why we felt that the risk may have been too great for anyone to bother investing in it.

Over the course of the past week, for the first time ever, we decided to issue warnings about GARB even though it had never been one of our special penny stock alerts. Why did we decide to issue a special warning for this stock that we had absolutely nothing to do with? GARB became a VERY big deal for a little while within the penny stock investing community. Over the course of the past week, numerous major penny stock promotion organizations put the word out in a major way, that GARB may very well be a Top Penny Stock Newsletter play. We however, never felt that GARB was ever a proper play to release to our amazing subscribers and over the course of these past few weeks it became clear that we were quite correct. Over the course of this past week, as pennystockdream.com released repeated warnings against trading GARB, almost 2 billion shares traded; a truly massive amount even at the current price per share but regardless of this whopping number the price didn't budge at all. As though it were not already enough of a warning sign that there were over 25 billion shares in the float, it has become even far more clear that GARB is not a play that we would be interested in raising awareness for because of the realization that even with so many shares traded the price never broke through $.0001 showing that there is likely an entity out there with such a large number of shares, that they were able to put so many up for sale at this price, that all of these investors buying them out, were not even able to push them off the ask by a single hundred of a cent. It was likely this entity that put the paid awareness initiative into play for GARB and just another powerful reason for why pennystockdream.com has abstained from getting involved in any means with GARB.

The only way that we can foresee things turning around for GARB would be for the companies management to take the initiative to adjust the companies share structure in a positive way. In some respects, we feel that any such adjustment would be no more than a means to give a temporary appeasement to those active in trading penny stocks, in order to goad them into further investment with GARB. Generally when it gets to the point where penny stock investments, especially ones trading within this price range, have so many billions of shares in the float and far more outstanding, the company is often an illegitimate one just looking to suck in further funds from investors. While we are not outright saying that this is the case with GARB and recognize that any company can have a significant turnaround if management acts appropriately to make positive things happen, pennystockdream.com does not suspect that this company will be one that we will be excited about providing awareness for in the foreseeable future. Things just don't seem right here and as always we opt to bring you the most promising of top penny stock newsletter picks, as opposed to just following in line with what the majority of the penny stock exchange has decided to rally around. After all, the majority of penny stock investors lose out on their investments, so why follow the majority when we have shown such a great track record for going for what they few recognize as possibilities, while simultaneously landing some of the most significant profits within the penny stock market for our incredible subscribers? Some powerful food for thought as pennystockdream.com leads it's penny stock investment awareness campaigns into a powerful new year for all investors that will be active in the penny stock exchange. 2013 will be an incredible time for the overall penny stock exchange and as such, we are very excited to lead the pack as we all surge ahead.


Pennystockdream.com and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser’s in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in trading penny stocks, or any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full pennystockdream.com disclaimer at: http://pennystockdream.com/disclaimer.

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