Why Invest in Penny Stocks?

Every day pennystockdream.com hears the age old question asked; why invest in penny stocks? After all, the penny stock exchange ofen tends to be the riskiest of all of the stock exchanges, which to many suggests that they should steer clear from anything involving them. There are other age old sayings that suggest quite the opposite. As old and time tested as the question of why to bother investing in penny stocks, is the saying stating that the key to investment success is to "buy low and sell high." While a seemingly simple statement, it has been this very mentality that has managed to elude investors for countless generations. After all, if it truly was as simple to pull off as it is to say, just about all investors would be seeing significant profits each and every day but it has become quite clear that this simply isn't the case. Investments overall, regardless of the stock exchange are incredibly volatile and while this may be true of all investments, it does reign true that investments in even the best penny stock newsletter picks, can prove to be far greater a risk than investments within larger corporations. It is because of the increasing difficulty in the individual investors ability to buy low and sell high, that has prompted pennystockdream.com to become such an active voice within the community of penny stock investments, in hopes of being a bit of a guiding light within this investment realm that has become such a dark and confusing one.

Though we fight to unearth the top penny stock picks for our subscribers it comes as no surprise that even companies that we delve deep into may prove to be sub par in the long run, not necessarily because we did not do our homework, so to speak, on a particular play but more so because very often, regardless of the information that you may find, there are a unending amount of possibilities for what may occur. Throughout all of our work within the penny stock exchange it has become increasingly recognized by pennystockdream.com that it can be incredibly difficult to find legitimate information regarding penny stocks. Or at the very least it can often become far more difficult to find proper information on penny stocks than it often may be to find information on larger corporations that are held under greater scrutiny by investors. This is due to a combination of larger companies not only having a greater amount of investors investing far greater sums than they would trust to a penny stock but also because by being more well known, there are more qualified people out there delving into the activities of larger companies. These factors coming together make it far more difficult for larger companies to pull the wool over the watchful eyes of the overall investing public but it still tends to happen with surprising regularity. Pennystockdream.com has heard many penny stock investors suggest that in many ways it may be better to invest in penny stock investments, just because at least you know from the get go that penny stock investments will try to bamboozle you, while larger companies will do the exact same thing while being seemingly legitimate. Needless to say this is not the attitude that one should hold when delving into the world of investments. Although we do always suggest that active penny stock investors maintain a stance of skepticism around penny stock investment, so that they are not as easily suckered into investments that may deviate far from the positive with regard to their involvement with investors. It has become clear to us here at pennystockdream.com that there tend to be a far greater amount of illegitimate corporations within the penny stock exchange than there are within the higher tiers of investment. Regardless though there are still hidden gems within these markets that continue to spark our enthusiasm and elevated interest in unearthing the greatest of the top penny stock investments that we can find, to deliver incredible information to our subscribers and the general investing public alike. Regardless of how many corrupt corporations may bubble to the surface over time, we have found that in general there will always be something out there with great management, a strong business plan, and great possibilities for growth in the future. And yes pennystockdream.com does mean even among the dreaded world of penny stock investment. There are incredible opportunities throughout these markets regardless of the tier that you are interested in investing in, you just have to have the patience, resolve, and impressive luck to unearth them and make the most out of your discoveries. Many people have made massive amounts of money through penny stock investment and there will be many more in the future. After all, profit potential is monstrous when it comes to penny stocks that have significant surges in price per share.

So again, the question is why invest in penny stocks? Well, needless to say the greatest reasoning on the majority of investors minds would lay in the fact that penny stocks are so cheap! Penny stock prices can drop as low as $.0001 per share and though pennystockdream.com has been very active in suggesting that investors may want to stay far away from GARB which currently trades at $.0001 this is not to say that there have not been many investments with enormous potential, that have surged far beyond $.0001. It is this very sort of movement that has kept the penny stock exchange alive and well all these years. Let's look at it this way: An investment at $.0001 is worth double it's value on a move to $.0002, triple at $.0003, and quadruple it's value at $.0004. Now imagine the price multiple when you hit $.01 or even $1. A well placed investment in a penny stock can leave someone very well off if they are lucky but needless to say the vast majority of penny stocks do not see such significant levels of success. Regardless though, the penny stock exchange is kept alive largely by the lotto effect. In other words, people recognize that they can blow a great deal of money investing in either the lottery or penny stocks, while simultaneously recognizing the very real possibility of netting incredible gains and while pennystockdream.com does state that massive profits are not the general norm with penny stocks, at least the markets give you the opportunity to truly research just what it is that you are getting involved in. With that said, investments in the penny stock exchange are not necessarily blind, while investments in the lottery are done without true logical reasoning backing them, aside for hope. So in many respects, investments in the top penny stock newsletter plays are more educated, reasoned, and likely to pull profits, than those made in things like the lotto.

The greatest draw of penny stocks, when asked why invest in penny stocks? Comes in the realization that the penny stock exchange gives the little guy a chance. In saying this, pennystockdream.com means to say that it is not an exchange dominated by the incredibly wealthy but rather one in which there are smaller sums thrown around, allowing the possibility for just about anyone at any financial level to realize significant profits, as opposed to the more wealthy few. In most respects, it is this overall mentality that drives the greatest amount of investors to become active in trading penny stocks. Someone with just $100 to invest in a large cap company stands a far lower chance of seeing significant multiples on their investment that someone that has $100 and invests the exact same amount in the penny stock exchange. For this same reason, you tend to see smaller amounts invested within penny stocks. Another reason being for smaller investments into penny stocks has to do with the recognition of volatility. Because so many more people are actively involved in trading stocks of larger companies, pennystockdream.com has found that people invest less into penny stocks because there is less bid money supporting them. In other words an investor could sink incredible amounts of money into penny stocks and find that they are either unable to sell off their holdings or are forced to sell their holdings for significantly lower prices because there is not as much money to absorb their sales. On this same note, it is a lot easier to pull of sales of larger corporations shares because there are so many more traders interested in actively trading those companies to adhere to greater levels of perceived safety. The difference between investing in penny stocks and large companies has been found by pennystockdream.com to be one of an issue of greater growth possibilities versus greater safety net possibilities. The older people become, the less likely they are to get involved in actively trading penny stocks because they become more fearful of monetary loss when it comes to their having to provide for spouses or a family. More often than not penny stock investments are a field dominated by investment youth with parental safety nets and no worries of having to provide for others as they throw their investment money around wherever they see fit. Both sides have significant benefits while also having some significant pratfalls but needless to say, it is the often far more exciting penny stock exchange that pennystockdream.com will continue to be most actively involved in. After all, it's all in the name.


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