We Saw a 42.86% Gain on DOMK Today!

We saw a 42.86% gain on DOMK Today!

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Hey Dreamers, we know a lot of you have taken up some nice positions in DOMK, so we are very happy to say that we saw a powerful close today, with gains of 42.86%. Already within the first 4 months of 2014, Platinum Members saw gains of more than 4,000%, so this strong movement that we have been expecting from DOMK, is keeping things right on track! Remember that we have been stressing that the chief source of strength for DOMK, is the fact that it has a serious cash flow, as revenues have been steadily increasing over time. As a result of this steady flow of revenue, DoMark International, Inc. has an incredible amount of cash on hand, when compared to other Penny Stocks trading around its range. DoMark is more interested in releasing press releases of substance, than they are into releasing a constant barrage of updates purely to generate hype and as such, it may seem less interesting from the outside looking in but as their most recent press release goes to show, they have been making significant strides within their industry and are expanding at a rapid pace.


The most interesting thing about DoMark, is that with the incredible amount of cash that they have on hand, as stated in the latest press release, they have no significant need to dilute their own shares to pull funds together for expansion and instead can pay for company growth with cash direct from their revenue stream. This was one of the chief reasons that we chose to bring this incredible play to you all. We always make a point to try to supply you with Penny Stock Pick decisions, that have lower likelihoods of seeing significant dilution and with the increased successes that DOMK has seen, it stands to reason, that they are continuously becoming less likely to negatively impact shareholders by selling large quantities of their own stock.

We are very happy to have been able to have brought this play to our Platinum Members, before it was released to anyone else and believe that it still has a great deal of continued growth potential as the days progress. If you would like to see the full context of their most recent press release, pertaining to their Revenue stream and well over $1.5 million in asset value, you can view it here: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=61837350



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