We have seen some serious movement with GLTV but we believe there is still more to come for this Top Penny Stock Play.

Many of our pennystockdream.com investors have made significant amounts of money off of the GLTV alerts that we have sent out, especially Platinum Members. Still though, many are concerned about the state of trading with GLTV. As we have voiced via our newsletters, the reason that trading with GLTV got so confusing, had to do with their postponing their financial statements. As a result of this postponement they had an "E" added to the end of their symbol to warn investors of the fact that they had postponed their financial filings. While this is generally meant to serve as a possible red flag, we do not believe there is anything to worry about as of yet with regard to GLTV.

The adding of the "E" confused electronic trading platforms, making it impossible for many investors interested in trading penny stocks, to be ablt to trade their shares. At the same time because the symbol had changed, many platforms were not updated and continued to reflect the "GLTV" symbol during a time period in which there was no trading on that particular spelling out of the symbol. Because of this many investors were under the false impression that the stock may have been halted, there were no trades, and on top of that they couldn't see a price reflected. Finally two days ago, after the close of trading the E was removed, allowing the symbol to return to the original "GLTV." Again some platforms were confused by yet another change but we still released a pennystockdream.com penny stock newsletter alert Wednesday morning at 7:50 am. After our alert, GLTV saw a quick run up 233.33% from .003 the day prior, to a high of $.01 between 9:30 and 10am. By the end of the trading day the price closed up 56.67%. This was a very strong close for any stock trading within the penny stock exchange that day. This trading has signified strong profits yet still came before very significant moves from management of the company. Keep in mind that we here at pennystockdream.com still expect management to file their 10Q report, complete the rest of the operations needed to fulfill their merger deal requirements, and finally consummate the merger, in the near future. When all of this is completed, we expect to see the price of this stock skyrocket to reflect the major accomplishments that have been made.

We continue to expect this to be a wild ride, so keep a close eye on it.


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