VPRO (Viropro, Inc.) Shot Up As Much As 275% So Far Today, On A Major Bounce Move!

VPRO Shot Up As Much As 275% So Far Today, With 4 Trading Hours Left!

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VPRO staged a major comeback so far today, after steep declines for the past few days, as a result of news that, “Bank Pembangunan Malaysia,” has seized the assets of their subsidiary, “Alpha Biologics.” Naturally, with this almost never being a good sign, investors became a bit panicked and a huge sell-off ensued but so far today, things have turned around very quickly, with VPRO gaining as much as 275% so far this morning, showing itself to still have a great deal of fight left in it, regardless of the troubles plaguing its subsidiary at the moment.

The irony of all this, comes in the fact that their negative troubles has pushed them into the spotlight enough, for them to actually be seeing greater volume than ever before, which has sparked a major influx of buying pressure. If this attention is able to keep up, this pick has the potential to see higher highs, even from these current levels. These sorts of plays always tend to come with a solid amount of risk because there is no telling what other troubles may come from their subsidiary, or if there may be even more things to surface, so this may very well just be a case, of a, “dead cat bounce,” where a stock sees a solid rebound, just because people want to buy something that dropped. If everything comes back on track though, and it turns out there was little to no wrong-doing on the part of their company, this could rocket to the upside very quickly. This one is a true gamble but it will be very interesting to see what comes from here.

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