VIICQ (Vision Industries, Corp.) closed up 75% yesterday, picking up major attention.

VIICQ Closed Up 75% In A Major Resurgence!

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VIICQ really proved itself as a solid contender yesterday, powerfully breaking out of it's downward and sideways trading patterns, with an explosive close up 75%, on heavily increased buying pressure.

The movement served to greatly improve investor morale, with numerous traders hitting online chat rooms, investment blogs, and trading forums, to build up awareness to the strengths of this stock, as it gets back on track, looking like it may be picking up the sort of steam that it had about one and a half months ago on its huge run from .001 to .0044. There is a great deal of optimism out there, in hopes that there could be further increased momentum, seeing as how we are getting very close to the time period from last year, in which we began seeing marijuana related companies making record breaking moves to the upside. Many investors are looking for a repeat of last year, now that all of the medical marijuana companies have leveled out and stabilized lower, since the incredible runs that had been seen then. We suggest that everyone keep a close eye on this and the other marijuana plays that we previously released, over time because we can all remember that earlier this year, platinum members saw more than 4,000% gains on marijuana penny stock alerts, within 4 months. It would be great to see that sort of movement kick in again, so be sure to watch closely.

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