A New Trading Week is upon us. These are some of the Top Penny Stocks that we are looking at.

With a new trading week starting today, we've been doing all sorts of research looking into the Top Penny Stocks to alert to our subscribers. In the past weeks free penny stock newsletter subscribers to pennystockdream.com have seen over 800% in potential profits, amounting to daily gains of about 90%. These sorts of profits on our winning penny stock picks, were absolutely monstrous for our followers but we are still looking to bring more to the table. First of all, we are alerting all of the stocks that we followed over the past 2 weeks that gave you those great gains. Although you have already seen incredible profits from these plays, we feel it pertinent to keep them on alert because they have shown that they can run with general ease, aside for AONE which took volume in the multi-millions of dollars for its run. These old plays that we are keeping on alert are:


Of all of these picks, two of the most notable ones for us here at pennystockdream.com are TDEY and RCFEF. TDEY is on special alert as a Top Penny Stock Pick because not only have we seen a great push with it as we have raised awareness but now there is an outside group via Investorshub that is also working to raise some serious awareness to it. We expect to see a great deal of movement with TDEY this week. Things should get very exciting here.

RCFEF deserves special mention because of the serious push it saw for us at the end of the last trading week. We have hailed it as being a great long term play because we feel that it is just a matter of time until it finally sees a serious run. RCFEF is seen as being a Top Penny Stock play for pennystockdream.com because it has such an incredibly manageable share structure. There are so few shares available that it should be very easy to see a serious run on relatively small buying pressure at the ask. The end of last week was testament to that, as small buys shot the price up almost 20% into the close. We are very excited to see what comes from this one as time wears on. We will be providing some more plays that we are keeping on alert this week via twitter. But until then, stay safe and happy trading!



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