The markets will be closed again for today's trading but is still working to find you the Top Penny Stocks, for all of you that are interested in Buying Penny Stocks. Here are the Best Penny Stock Choices that we have come up with.

The weather has been VERY bad for the East Coast. Many of our friends and family in NYC including ourselves here at have felt some serious forceful winds and flooding from hurricane Sandy. As far as weather conditions in the city are concerned, this was a big one! Regardless though, we tend to be good ol' workaholics, so while we've been looking at all sorts of weather reports and alerts on the news, we have also still been working tirelessly to ensure that we continue to bring the Best Penny Stock picks to all of our subscribers. We work tirelessly for you all because our penny stock newsletter group is a community effort, held together by all of you that are interested in buying penny stocks, so we feel an obligation to bring you the top penny stocks that are hidden away in our arsenal.

Tomorrow we will be releasing 2 press releases about recent happenings for One will pinpoint a wonderful milestone for us, in that although a great deal of attention was taken away from the overall markets due to a combination of harmful weather and the stock market being shut down, we have still found that a great number of people have signed up to our penny stock newsletter platform. This tells us that even during this time of turmoil those interested in buying penny stocks and running google searches in reference to them, have been coming across our website in great number due to our site having high priority for various keywords. This is incredible, and shows that our penny stock newsletter platform at continues to bring in greater attention with each passing day and as such has garnered a continuously improving analytic ranking for Google searches. We have surpassed 15.7 million websites globally in terms of relevance within the world and interest among users but the number of sites we surpass is still increasing! This is very good news, not only for us here but for all of our subscribers because being that this platform is a community, the more subscribers that we have, the more powerful our awareness campaigns become, allowing us to spread information to a greater number of investors interested in buying penny stocks. is currently growing at a faster rate than it ever has before, while continuing to retain the reputation as the most trusted penny stock newsletter, due to the rate at which we have continued to release the top penny stock picks to our subscribers.

Now, there is possibility that trading will also be suspended for the markets Wednesday but regardless, the markets will open again! When they do, we have put together some serious picks for you to keep on alert. All of the picks that we have put together for you in the last blog are still on alert but as always things can change as things progress. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for our free penny stock newsletter platform on so that you can keep up with our top penny stock alerts. Remember that we are keeping TDEY and RCFEF on the highest alert but that does not mean that the other stocks on the list hold any less wait. We are expecting numerous winners from the picks that we pinpointed in the blog just before this one. The reason for TDEY being on such high alert, is that we alone were able to see our awareness campaign take TDEY to new heights. Through our efforts the stock saw impressive gains, as it proved one of the catalysts allowing for our subscribers to see as much as 800% gains in our winning penny stock picks over the past two weeks. Again we remind you that that was via our awareness campaign alone! Now has received word that another campaign from a secondary group is taking place. Through their efforts combined with our own, we believe that we may see a far more significant push for TDEY than what was seen before. Needless to say this company seems to be a great choice for us to conduct an awareness campaign with it targeted as a top penny stock alert.

Now, the reason for our interest in RCFEF, has to do with the incredible share structure. There are only 12,050,515 shares in the float, as of the last official count taken on April 13th, 2012. The less shares there are available to trade in a stock, the easier and faster the stock is able to move. This has to do with whether it moves up or down. Now, we have tracked RCFEF for a while and have labelled it as a top penny stock for good reason and that reason has to do with the recognition that there is often not a single trade placed on RCFEF. Now that may seem like a negative aspect to many interested in buying penny stocks but has peered into this stock largely for just that reason. Remember that less shares means that it can move up very quickly on little buying pressure and down very quickly, on selling pressure. If there are no shares being purchased, then naturally there is a good chance that there is little to no selling pressure to slow down a massive run! When buying pressure on this top penny stock does begin to come back, we believe that RCFEF will be able to take off quickly because there have not been enough shares purchased at these levels, for there to be a significant downward push. As soon as the company decides to release regular alerts, we believe that our penny stock newsletter subscribers will find themselves very happy to see what will be to come. With increased attention through company press releases accomplishments, and perhaps strong promotion, we will likely see significant price appreciation.

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