The Markets have been cancelled today but we are still researching the Top Penny Stocks for those interested in Buying Penny Stocks and are subscribed to our Top Penny Stock Newsletter Service

First of all, we hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy is staying as safe as possible. We here at reside in NYC, so you better believe we're feeling those powerful winds right now. But regardless, we're still working tirelessly to ensure that we deliver you the top penny stock picks. Well, that and practicing our breaststroke, you know...just in case. *Hears tree fall across the street* <------Seriously!

But we digress. The markets were cancelled yesterday for today's trading, then it was announced that trading would commence electronically, then they were again cancelled early this morning. At the rate at which the storm has been surging, we're thinking that there is a strong possibility that the markets will be closed for trading tomorrow as well because the wind is kicking up in a major way. All storms aside though, we truly are doing our best to find you the best penny stocks, so that the incredible profits may be able to continue. Keep in mind that within the past 2 weeks our top penny stock winning picks, have seen profits of over 800% gains for our free subscribers! Because of the incredible gains that the free subscribers have made, many investors have turned their attention to our pay service for VIP Platinum Dreamers, because platinum dreamers at times have the liberty of receiving information on our plays, well before we make the announcements to the free penny stock newsletter subscribers. VIP/Platinum Dreamers also tend to have the liberty of receiving secret underground plays that are kept hidden from free members, meaning that they have the opportunity to possibly net far more than our free members do.

In the last blog we announced that we are still keeping all the winning plays from the past two weeks on special alert, due to the movement that they showed themselves capable of. We strongly believe that they showed great strengths and as such, are telling all of our penny stock newsletter subscribers to keep an eye on them. We will also be releasing various other plays via social networking sites, to keep all of you in the know about how things are changing with the plays and what we personally feel to be the top penny stocks to invest in. More people than ever before, have been flocking to our services because they have a true interest in buying penny stocks. We always aim to provide the best information on penny stocks so that people can make more informed decisions about what they get themselves into but also continue to urge all of you to conduct your own research so that you can attain a greater grasp on the information that is before you. It is always of great importance to stay well in formed. It is because of this that our group continues to be the most trusted penny stock newsletter service in existence.

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