The American Economy Is Looking Good. The Stock Market Is Reaching Record Highs And Consumer Spending Is Up.

The American Economy Is Looking Good. The Stock Market Is Reaching Record Highs And Consumer Spending Is Up.

The overall economy has been seeing fairly steady gains over the course of the past few years but the latest data is showing that almost across the board, the American economy has surged further ahead, faster than most analysts have predicted. As reported by Yahoo Finance here, while many feared that the recent “Brexit” fallout would mean doom and gloom for the American market, the reality is that after a quick two day slump in stocks, things are looking better than ever. The NYSE and DJIA have hit all time highs, lending by banks is up, which is something that the Federal Reserve has been angling for for the past 10 years and consumer spending is kicking in more powerfully, which is a very bullish indicator for things to come. While many have lamented the overall economy for quite some time, under the Obama administration, the truth of the matter is, that the economy is now in a far more powerful place than it has been in a very long time, with money market investments growing more rapidly and holding higher highs then they have ever seen in the history of our nation, so needless to say, things are looking very good as we mover further into this second half of 2016. All of this adds up to some very promising trading and investing opportunities whether its buying on a stocks by stock basis or trading on the indices themselves.

One of the most important factors in the increase in consumer spending as of late, or course comes from gas prices continuing to stay at significant lows. This simple fact means that many Americans have far more that they are able to spend on other things, due to spending less on the day to day costs of transportation.

Now when looking into the negatives because of course they will always remain, the key issue with the significant job growth that we've been seeing, is that many of the jobs being taken up today, are far lower paying that those that were lost since the end of the recession in 2009. With families struggling to save outside of the lower cost at the pump, and healthcare costs continuing to rise, there are still a lot of people out there that continue to struggle to make ends meet. Even so, with so many very positive things happening to the economy in recent history and especially with the current reports about lower unemployment and record gains in the stock market, things are moving along very powerfully for the United States as we move toward the coming election of the next President to take the helm. This vote will of course have a significant effect on the overall economy, so this is one that will be watched very closely.

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