Our Best Marijuana Penny Stock Picks

Those first four months of 2014 were the essential golden age thus far in the explosion of the industry of marijuana stock investments and during that time period we provided a great service to traders that were looking to learn how to find the best marijuana penny stocks. While things have slowed down since that golden age of marijuana stocks in late 2013 and early 2014, the market for investments with cannabis and hemp related stocks as well, has still been strong, with many traders choosing to stick entirely to these sorts of companies.

Marijuana Penny Stocks Are Seeing Sector-Wide Growth.

We are excited to say that it seems that we are in the midst of yet another monstrous up-trend within the penny stock market for weed stocks and as such, we will be releasing a lot of major new marijuana related stock alerts over the course of these final weeks of 2017 and especially throughout 2018. We believe that this industry is about to heat up, almost to the strength that we saw in early 2014, when our Platinum Members were seeing their picks gain nearly 11 times over, monthly, for four months straight.

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With the pace at which Canada is moving toward cannabis legalization, due to their recent favorable vote in their House of Commons, we are expecting some incredible growth to come to the market and are excited to bring all of you important updates about major new contenders that are on the way.

Past Gains Seen By Platinum Members On Our Marijuana Penny Stock Alerts:

1. KGET - Gained 2,125% in four and a half months! First public update can be found here.

2. MINE - Gained 1,150% in 13 days! First public release can be seen here.

3. HEMP - Gained 1,033.33% in one month! First public alert can be seen here.

4. ENDO - Gained 175.86% in 3 weeks! Original alert can be seen here. It closed upwith gains for 13 out of 14 days.

5. CBIS - Gained 273% in one month. Original alert here. We provided an update at the time, pinpointing that our picks had gained 5,000% in 5 months time here.

6. MEDT - Gained 207.69% in 10 days! The original public alert for this one can be found here.

6. MJNA - Gained 152.11% in one month.

All of these and more can be seen on our listing of past penny stock picks.

We are very excited about our stellar history of releasing strong cannabis related penny stock picks and are excited to have more of these power plays released to traders for a strong close to 2017 and an incredible ride throughout the upcoming years as the industry really begins to heat up due to increased calls for legalization. We hold significant interest in our drive to help traders learn how to find the best marijuana penny stocks and intend to work diligently to bring more of these promising companies to our readers. We are expecting a lot of pivotal industry-wide developments, that will keep this sector very interesting.

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