TEMN up another 160% today!

TEMN up another 160% today!

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Those of you that have been following along with us for a while, know that TEMN (Team Nation Holdings, Corp.) has been one of our favorite penny stock plays for a while now. Via personal email relays and numerous, numerous blog posts, over the course of 2014, we have continued to mention that we expected it to be one of the most significant runners of the year and that it would just take a little bit of waiting, due to the company being more involved in clerical work, before revealing more of the eventual master plan. In saying this, we mean that TEMN is a company that holds greater interest in building up a strong foundation as a base to move forward from, as opposed to relying on hype and excitement before having built up such base. It is this focus on building upon the things that actually matter, that have brought us to feel that TEMN was such a strong play, throughout the year and finally it is starting to show its true colors. This is yet another play that was released to Platinum Members before anyone else, so needless to say, this 160% move, has been a powerful treat for us as things move forward. We received a few emails from some of you longer standing Platinum Members, mentioning the excitement about TEMN, so congratulations to you all, on yet another play that is going exceptionally well for us all. 2014, has been an incredibly bullish year, as it seems that just about all of our plays lately are seeing substantial movement.



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