QEDN (Inca Worldwide, Inc.) Gained 104.76% For Our Subscribers, In 2 Days!

QEDN (Inca Worldwide, Inc.) Gained As Much

As 104.76% For Our Subscribers in Just 2 Days!

Just three days ago on May 18th 2017, we released QEDN (Inca Worldwide, Inc.) as a major new pick, catered exclusively to our paying Platinum Membership Subscribers, as a special announcement sent only to them. In just that one trading day, it managed to close up with a powerful 43.64% gain on solid trading volume and then we put Platinum Members on notice with an after market update, that we would be releasing QEDN to our free member list and the general public, the following day on May 19th 2017, as a special penny stock pick released for all to see. On that second day, it managed to gain another 43.33% on a move from the previous days close at .003 to an open at .0034, to finally see a high as great as .0043, only to eventually close with a slight dip down 13.33%.

From the time that we released QEDN as a special pick for our Platinum Members on last week Thursday, to the high the day afterward, it managed to move from the close at .0021 on Wednesday to the high of .0043 Friday, for gains of as much as 104.76% within just two trading days! This movement goes to show the incredible strength that comes in heightened awareness initiatives coming into small companies like this one, from our platform. Platinum Members really got a major advantage with the early information on this one, so remember to BECOME A PLATINUM MEMBER for early access to these sorts of picks in the future.

We remind everyone that has been reading up on our alerts on Inca Worldwide, to keep in mind that this is a fully funded pick, that recently worked out traditional bank funding to the tune of $13 million and they have major backing from the government of Colombia that will undoubtedly help them immensely in their future growth plans. If you have not been doing your own due diligence in this one, the time is definitely now because we are expecting this to be an exciting one over the coming weeks.



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