Our Top Penny Stock Pick, ENYC is up 97.5% so far today!

ENYC has managed to continue to lock in its place as our top penny stock pick, as it has surged up 97.5% in today's trading. This brings up the recognition that we here at pennystockdream.com have spoken of on numerous occasions, pertaining to the stocks incredibly small float. Because there are so few shares trading in the float, it is very easy to see large price swings on relatively low amounts of shares traded, so those most active in trading penny stocks are seeing significant price swings almost daily. The reason that we continue to bill ENYC as a top penny stock pick, has to do with the recognition that this stock still remains an unknown to the majority of those interested in buying penny stocks. The fact that it has managed to hold up as well as it has during this time of year with almost no news releases shows it to truly be a top penny stock and suggests that when news announcements are released, there will likely be a strong swing to the upside due to increased attention being paid to it.

As many of you have come to recognize, the majority of penny stock newsletter organizations would gloss over ENYC, ignoring it until it was either in the midst of a powerful move, or had already released significant news. Pennystockdream.com aims to release alerts on investments before the major happenings have occurred, so that our subscribers can see the greatest possible gains on our alerts. We always aim to allow people the opportunity to get involved in our top penny stock newsletter alerts, at the ground level, well before they have seen significant price appreciation.

Over the course of the past 9 weeks we have seen our top winning penny stock picks see price increases well above 3,400% with ENYC being the slowest of them all but still holding enormous potential to become one of the stronger runners within the penny stock exchange within the very near future. It is not often that we come across any penny stock investment opportunity as strong as the one presented here by ENYC, so there is no doubt that we intend to stick with this one, as pennystockdream.com continues to expect to see it sail well beyond $.10 for all of those currently involved. in actively trading it's shares. ENYC will prove a surprise to many investors as things continue to develop here. Don't allow yourself to be caught off guard by the push that is to come for this top penny stock newsletter pick.


Pennystockdream.com and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser’s in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in trading penny stocks, or any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full pennystockdream.com disclaimer at: http://pennystockdream.com/disclaimer.

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