MFTH shows itself to be a Top Penny Stock Play after being alerted by (Money and Stocks) has really been making a name for itself as being the most trusted source for penny stock newsletter alerts and information. The markets have been closed for the last two days, due to the horror of Hurricane Sandy tearing through the East Coast. Even with the fact that the managing members of Penny Stock Dream live in the NYC area, they continued to update their shareholders about their penny stock alerts, along with live blogging the occasional fallen tree, due to the storm. As a result, this promotional group has been able to not only make more successful stock picks today but also managed to create an air of excitement within the penny stock exchange that few have been able to attain. Following their alerts over the course of the storm has brought many more people interested in trading penny stocks, to subscribe to their free penny stock newsletter, so that they can keep up with what has to offer. The group has again had numerous successes today, with one specific one to take not of, being MFTH, as it has already moved up over 17% on a major alert sent out by the Penny Stock Dream Team. Through this incredible movement, this group has shown that it continues to have the foresight to release alerts on the top penny stock picks, while still managing to maintain a very strong reputation within the penny stock exchange as being one of the best penny stock newsletter groups to be involved in the markets in quite some time.

The successes seen by the Penny Stock Dream Platform as of late, have been nothing short of miraculous. With today's gains on alerts taken into account, subscribers to the platform have now seen potential gains of over 900% within the last 11 trading days! These sorts of gains on winning penny stock plays are unheard of, especially within the current financial climate. This group has clearly shown that when it comes to money and stocks, they are incredibly knowledgeable about the topics that they have been tackling as an organization. Rarely has the penny stock exchange seen a promotional group grow as quickly as this one, or even managing to uphold the aura of positivity that this one has enjoyed. Needless to say, with these sorts of major moves continuing to come from the platform there is no telling what sort of advancements will be coming from their platform next. It has been made quite clear though, that this penny stock newsletter platform is here to stay, for quite some time, as the profits continue to roll in for their energized subscribers.

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