MFTH closed up 17.07% after being alerted as a Top Penny Stock by (Money and Stocks)

After a significant awareness campaign form, MFTH (Medisafe 1 Technology) saw a close up 17.07% on strong volume of over 3.7 million shares traded for the day. With the gains seen from MFTH and other special alerts for today, subscribers to our top penny stock newsletter platform have seen gains of more than 900% in the last 11 trading days. With the impressive gains that subscribers to our platform have been seeing over the past few weeks, we have seen greater interest than ever, being turned toward our platforms services. With so many new visitors to our website, we have seen a significant improvement in our analytic ranking, allowing for us to have a significantly higher priority among other penny stock newsletter groups, with regard to google searches for queries relating to the penny stock exchange. As visitors continue to increase, we expect our ranking to continue to surge forward, allowing us to attain a significantly higher market share, driving more people interested in trading penny stocks to subscribe to our penny stock newsletter. has grown very rapidly with the advances of its top penny stocks special alerts, throughout these recent weeks. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy hitting us on the east coast we have managed to still see record advancements in the amount of subscribers that have been pouring in for us. Today we have already seen daily subscriber #'s of almost triple the level that they were just 2 days ago, during the hurricane. At the rate at which we have been seeing growth, we expect our top penny stock newsletter alerts to see significant strength when we decide to begin full scale alerts for special alerts. We still believe that our knowledge of money and stocks will prove very beneficial to our subscribers as we roll into the duration of 2012. is not only happy that we have seen sustained growth but also that we are continuing to see growth increase with each passing day. Things have improved rapidly for all of us within the penny stock exchange, meaning that we have seen great things happen for our penny stock newsletter platform, meaning that we have simultaneously seen great things happening for you. We push forward together because in numbers we are incredibly strong. We hope that all of you on the East Coast are faring all right after hurricane Sandy.

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