Massive Gains On Picks And A Huge New Money Making Opportunity.

Massive Gains On Our Picks For Subscribers Lately!

Plus, Join Our Team For A Huge New Money Making Opportunity.

Hey everyone, usually we devote every single post on here to stocks and for good reason. Over the course of 2015 so far, we have seen our picks gain nearly 3,000% already for all of you! This was bolstered especially by the recent 525% gain on GEQU seen within 2 weeks and the big moves we’ve been seeing on HCTI.

While the investment side of things has been incredible for all of you guys, we wanted to tell you about a new money making opportunity that you are definitely going to want to look into. The site is and though we can definitely say the site looks sheisty at first glance, we’ve been active on it for the past 2 weeks, to really look into it before revealing it to all of you and we can definitely say we like what we’re seeing and have already been making some serious money with their program, so now we want to expand it to you all to have you join our team!

Essentially, this is a website that shares its ad revenue with users. For every $1 in advertisement packages that you put in, your investment increases to $1.20 over time. Meaning that naturally, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. Also, if people sign up using your referral code, you get commissions directly from the site.

How To Do It:

1. Sign Up For Free, Using Our Link Here: This will set you up on a team with our C.F.O. Sage Cincaid. This guy really knows money and will work hard to build up your list, so that you get a bunch of referrals because the more money you make, the more we will :)

2. Fund your account, using a payment processor like Paypal, or various others

3. Buy ad packs! Every $1 you spend on ad packs, is designed to get you $1.20 back when they mature.

4. Click ten ads on the site. Every time you click ten ads, your account value increases for the next 24 hours. So every 24 hours click 10 ads and your value goes up.

5. Keep buying more ad packs, as your investment matures! The more ad packs you buy, the more you can make and as your packs partially mature, you will be able to buy more each day.

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions about it at As you know, we’re always here to help you, so feel free to contact us with any questions.

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