Massive Gains On ELRA (Elray Resources, Inc.) these past couple of days, as our coverage continues.

ELRA Gained Over 125% Within days, as our coverage continues!

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ELRA has been seeing incredible gains over the course of these past two days, as we continue to keep up with coverage via our penny stock blog updates and posts through social media sites, ,on our facebook and twitter pages. Since the time we began coverage of this fast growing company, it has managed to see gains as great as 125.71% and seems to be continuing to pick up strength as more traders continue to get involved to give it support. Testament to the strength of this fast moving pick, is that as of yesterdays high, this stock managed to gain as much as 600%, setting it way above and beyond the progress of amost every other penny stock out there.

With the sort of support that it has managed to gain lately, it comes as no surprise that so many people have been flocking to this one, especially since it perfectly coincides with the sudden growth in dollar volume traded, within the OTC, since the summer months have come to a close. This is a clear cut example of a company taking off at just the right time, when all of the proper catalysts are in place and we believe that it may very well have further to go, as more traders begin to pick up on the chart and the way it is pointing to the potential of a coming blue sky breakout above current resistance points. This is definitely a pick that you will want to be sure to continue to watch very closely because a lot of people are seeing incredible gains on this play.

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