Major Changes to our Top Penny Stock Newsletter Platform, coming in 2013.

A great deal of the successes of the platform has come through our longstanding recognition of the constant changes that come to the penny stock exchange and overall media communication systems, with each passing day. Often written of in various press release communications through Yahoo News and various other media networks, has been the strong belief throughout the penny stock exchange, that it has been our understanding of change and ability to adapt to it through changes of our own, that has allowed the Penny Stock Dream platform to grow at the rate that it has, even during this time period where the penny stock market has significantly slowed down. In many respects it has been the fact that this organization is run by young adults, that has truly allowed for the degree of personification and adaptation that we have been able to pull through with, in the constant mass media practices adhered to by The reason that our youth comes into play within this business in such a positive way for our subscribers and various investors interested in actively trading penny stocks, is that we have essentially grown up utilizing the very communicative mediums that are crucial to survival of an awareness group operating within the penny stock exchange. To be able to properly get the message out to all of you, we have to rely on a wide array of social media platforms and practices for the sake of building proper mass communication practices. While many organizations like our own have struggled to keep up with the fast changes in communicative practices, takes on these tasks with greater ease because the means are second nature to us. Our youth has bestowed us with the skills that were needed to quickly surpass many organizations that were far more senior to our own because we utilize or general daily life practices to build on the strengths of the platform. The very skills that we utilize to communicate our message in a clear and powerful way, are the very same skills that we utilize to communicate with friends and family, so it comes as no surprise that we have managed to expand our outreach powerfully within such a short span of time. We believe that if we continue to grow at this same rate, we will very soon see take up the reigns as being one of the most influential voices within the penny stock exchange. With our current alert out on ENYC as being a top penny stock newsletter pick, we believe that there will be greater attention paid to our platform than ever before. We fully expect ENYC to be a very big one for early 2013, so we are excited to have been able to be the only organization that is currently talking about it. Things will be getting very interesting on that front within a very short span of time.

There will be further changes coming to the platform in 2013, in the interest of making the entire system more efficient for all that are involved. One of the key aspects to the incredible successes that we saw for our subscribers in 2012, was our interest in continuously tweaking the functionality of our penny stock newsletter alert system, so that we were able to constantly improve upon the functionality and the ease of relaying information via numerous mediums. More longstanding members may remember an old press release that we issued quite some time ago that revealed that everything was being done manually with regard to the posting of information to various platforms. While this method worked very well, we fully recognized that it was not the greatest process for us to be getting involved in due to time constraints. There was also the issue of remembering to post things to each different platform, allowing the possibility for information to be lost to various communicative mass mediums. Finally the system took up a more automated approach, making it so that information when posted to one platform, would be spread to the others that we work with. While we cannot have information linked between all of our various profiles due to the incredible volume of online presences that we command, this platform change made communication and the general dissemination of information to subscribers and the general public, run far more smoothly. Due to the time saved with this platform change we were able to lay a greater focus on the overall business plan and ensure that greater lengths of time and care could be put into the articles that we were releasing. This allowed for greater attention to be paid to our work, less last minute editing, a more careful reasoning with regard to what to send out, and greater time allotment for researching the investment information that we were sending to all of you, so that we are able to bring you some of the very best penny stock picks that the exchange has to offer. With our continued embracing of change with regard to our platform, we have seen some of the most powerful gains within the penny stock exchange for our loyal subscribers. In the span of the past 9 weeks alone, subscribers have seen profit potential of more than 3,400% on our winning penny stock alerts. We believe that with the transformations that we expect to unleash for 2013, we will likely see continued growth, as we have amassed a wealth of powerful plays heading into 2013. We look forward to our continued growth with all of you and hope that we will be able to uphold the powerful reputation that we have managed to build up within this short time period, as being the most trusted penny stock newsletter organization, that has managed to bring those involved in trading penny stocks some of the greatest penny stock picks of all time. believes that this year of 2013 may prove far more profitable than the last, with more impressive gains to come from our ever improving system of communication. We are proud to have all of you wonderful subscribers by our side and hope that we will be able to continue to impress and help you all with the questions that may come to your minds. and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser’s in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in trading penny stocks, or any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer at:

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