KGKG Up 94% In 2 Weeks Amid Increased Distribution Of Their Hemp And CBD Beverages!

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. (PINK:KGKG) Gained 94.20% In

The Past Two Weeks, As Distribution Partnerships For Their

Hemp And CBD Beverages Increased To 24 States In The U.S.A.


Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. (PINK:KGKG) has gained 94.20% in the past two weeks and has quickly proven to be one of the most powerfully trading CBD and hemp related stocks within that time frame. The swift action has come as a result of bullish action that the company has taken to empower shareholders through the retirement and cancellation of shares and providing news of a vast expansion of the distribution of their products through partnerships with distributors. KGKG was not previously an alert released to our newsletter subscribers and this is our first mention of it due to the impressive run that it has enjoyed. While KGKG was not released as one of our prior newsletter picks to any members, our Platinum Members saw one of their picks gain over 112% in one day just last week and also saw four picks recently gain a combined 444%. Platinum Membership Subscribers have received numerous secret alerts on other CBD and hemp related penny stocks with potential for serious growth.

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc., Recently Announced Major Retirement And Cancellation Of Shares:

On April 18th 2019 Kona made a sweeping move to strengthen positive investor sentiment with an announcement stating that the company retired 650,000 shares of Preferred Series B stock that were held solely by the CEO, Mr. Robert Clark. The announcement also mentioned that the company would decrease the authorized shares from 1 billion to 900 million, and also would cancel Preferred Series B designation. The CEO Robert stated that the decision to make these changes came as a result of the rapid growth the company has seen and was intended to bolster investor confidence through a more well kept share structure.

KGKG Announced Record Revenue In Quarter 1 2019:

Within the same press release that announced the cancellation of shares, the CEO mentioned that Kona Gold Solutions, Inc saw record revenue in the first quarter of 2019 of more than $260,000 and forecasts revenue of more than $400,000 for the second quarter of 2019 due to repeated orders from larger distribution partners.

Powerful Product Lines Of Hemp And CBD Infused Beverages:

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc has created the following wholly owned subsidiaries:

1. Kona Gold LLC: This LLC developed a premium Hemp infused energy drink line.

2. HighDrate, LLC: This LLC developed the beverage industry's first CBD infused energy water, which is available in four different flavors.

3. Gold Leaf Distribution, LLC: This LLC was created to fill distribution needs within markets that the company seeks to enter quickly.

Kona Gold Has A Massive Amount Of Distributor Partnerships:

Kona Gold has steadily released news of new partnerships with distributors over the course of the past few months but most recently on April 29th 2019, they released bombshell news that left no question as to whether or not this company was quickly outclassing and outmaneuvering their competitors. The announcement revealed that within the prior thirty days they had attained partnerships with sixteen new distributors. Those new distributors are located in California, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. With this news KGKG reveled that they now had distribution partnerships for their Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks and HighDrate CBD Energy Waters in 24 states within the U.S.A.

Our Expectations For The Future Of KGKG And Words Of Caution:

We are incredibly bullish about the future growth potential of KGKG and the only things that truly stand out as a significant negatives are the fact that it trades on the lesser PINK sheets trading tier of the OTC Market and the market cap is massively high in comparison to sales revenue, which means there is potential for massive correction prior to a continued move to the upside.

The Pink Sheets market that KGKG trades on is far less transparent than more elevated tiers and the companies financial filings are not fully audited by an outside firm, and they are also not filed directly with the SEC. The companies filing documentation is instead 'alternative' reporting. We have mentioned to our readers numerous times that alternative reporting companies that chose to never audit and file with the SEC are more likely to have something to hide but in the case of KGKG, with such a steady flow of incredible news relating to acquisitions, distributor partnerships, rapid sales growth, and fundamental changes to share structure, we hope to see the company up-list to a more well respected exchange and begin to file audited financial statements directly to the SEC. If they do all this and those audits eventually prove that their claims to increased revenue are all legitimate, it could spell bullish growth for the company.

Now, as mentioned above, the biggest issue for the growth of KGKG is that the price is currently far higher than it should be with respect to the current market cap of more than $102 million. Quarter 1 revenue in 2019 was $260,000 with projected revenue of $400,00 in quarter 2 2019. Revenue would have to climb tens of thousands of times over in 2019 in order to catch up to the market cap as it is now. The future of KGKG seems incredibly bright due to the expansive network that the company has reportedly established for its hemp and CBD infused beverage lines but the market cap with respect to sales suggests that the hype surrounding this company has caused price to greatly outpace the reality of the companies growth rate.

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