GLTV has very little time to complete its merger or get an extension. Will it prove to be a Top Penny Stock Pick, or Major Penny Stock Flop?

GLTV was one of the top penny stock picks to be released by the platform in recent history. During the time period in which we provided it with our highest level of coverage, our investors saw significant gains from it, within a very short span of time. While GLTV was seeing a significant downward spiral in terms of stock price, we decided to release it to our high level Platinum Members, who were able to net shares at significantly depressed prices due to their ability to receive early information regarding the play, before free subscribers were alerted to it. After we felt that platinum members had enough time to position themselves as they saw fit, we released the full scale alert about GLTV being a top penny stock investment play to our full list of subscribers and the general public. The results of our full release were powerful, as we saw a surge of more than 233.33% the very morning after our late night alert. These incredible gains greatly inspired investors t play closer attention to investment plays that we were following, as they began to gain true recognition of the top penny stock investment plays that was bringing to the table. After all, it became very apparent that these gains were not just massive gains being seen by Platinum Members but over 180% gains for free subscribers as well, within just one day of alerts. It became clear to the overall penny stock exchange community, that our special penny stock alerts were nothing to take lightly. As our coverage continued, we continued to see some significant price spikes with GLTV as we moved on to alert other successful plays and the time range in which GLTV could complete its merger in accordance with set guidelines, drew ever nearer.

Well, as it stands right now it seems that GLTV's options are running thin with regard to completing its merger and those actively trading penny stocks that have been involved with GLTV all along are getting antsy. This has become very apparent among various online forums in which GLTV has become a hot topic of debate, causing the management of to take notice of the company all over again. Unless GLTV can secure an extension of their merger guidelines, they have only three days to see it through to its completion! This is a very short time frame, so it comes as no surprise that penny stock investors have been getting nervous. At this point, only GLTV management truly knows what the game plan is, as investors wait for word from the company, as to whether or not the merger will go through as planned. From what we have seen thus far, they have been working very hard at making this a reality because as investors have said numerous times, it would seem strange for them to complete so many of the parameters for the completion of the merger without eventually seeing it through. In the past subscribers have seen multiples almost three times over, in their GLTV investments on various trading alerts, so we hope that GLTV does manage to complete it's merger, as it was a past penny stock pick of ours because even though we are significantly uninvolved today, we still hope for the best for all involved as people wait to see whether or not the company manages to complete its merger plans. If these plans are completed however, we believe that GLTV will see significant growth within its internal business unlike anything that it has seen so far within its time trading within the penny stock exchange. will continue to keep a serious eye on how things develop here, so that we are able to spread the good word if the company does indeed manage to see it's dealings attain completion. Such a turn of events would not only be great for current and perspective investors but also of course great for our reputation which has continued to grow magnificently, due to the incredible network that we have been able to set up with all of our strong minded subscribers that have been most interested in actively trading penny stock picks. In the past 9 weeks our subscribers have seen over 3,400% gains on our top penny stock winners because of the great amount of communal support that has been found within those involved in the e-mail newsletter system that has been able to pull together with its most active members. We hope that we will be able to continue to see excited new members involve themselves in our platform to keep things moving as powerfully as they have been. and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser’s in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in trading penny stocks, or any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer at:

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