GLER (Global Earth Energy, Inc.) was one of the most heavily traded Penny Stocks of the day. Trading over 138 million shares and closing up 60%.

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Today, was a pretty terrible day for most penny stocks, across the board but not for GLER (Global Earth Energy, Inc.), which rose above the ranks, trading over 138 million shares, and closing up at the highest point of the day for 60% gains. Considering that many traders look for closes at the high of the day, as an indicator of possible continued movement due to momentum and general investor sentiment, there is a strong possibility that we stand to see continued movement from this incredible play, as things continue to progress throughout the week. The price even with this incredible movement and heightened attention, currently stands at $.0032, proving a significant chance for those that prefer to invest in sub penny plays. If the excitement continues to build, we believe that traders may stand to see substantial gains from this level, so be sure to keep a close eye on what is to come from here on out.

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