GLER (Global Earth Energy, Inc.) begins a major trend reversal with a continued breakout.

GLER (Global Earth Energy, Inc.) has seen the general trend of its trading pattern change significantly, after suffering more than two weeks of declines. The positive movement that the company has begun as of late, has greatly introduced Penny Stock Dream in what may be coming next for this heavily strengthened penny stock. Many investors had found themselves beginning to doubt the possibilities of progress for GLER, as can be seen via online message boards but this recent positive movement has strengthened resolve and led more of those most interested in trading penny stocks, to take up positions. As things continue to progress for this company, we believe that there may be a great deal of upside still to come from this powerful penny stock play. Today a little bit over 31 million shares traded, suggesting that this may be the mere beginning of further movement to come, as more investors come to take notice of the company; after all, the last time a major news release came from this company, was on April third. The one before that was way back on February 14th, announcing a new business strategy for the company, that Penny Stock Dream has taken particular notice of. Those wishing to read the full news release from February 14th, that pertained to their new business strategy can read it in its entirety below:

"Global Earth Energy Announces New Business Strategy

Global Earth Energy Inc. (OTCQB: GLER) is pleased to announce a new extensive growth strategy centered around the acquisition of overriding royalty interest in oil and gas leases in the United States.

GLER will acquire leases from landowners with the objective of rolling up a multitude of leases covering several thousand acres. The Company believes this strategy will greatly enhance shareholder value. By amassing a large land package, GLER will be poised as an attractive takeover target for larger oil and gas companies.

In the coming weeks, target leases that demonstrate the greatest potential to increase shareholder value will be specified and further details announced.

On December 24, 2012, Global Earth Energy executed a Securities Purchase Agreement with Solar Power Utility Holdings Ltd. The Company has been informed by their principal that their financial institution requires further due diligence in order to complete the transaction, and GLER is currently working with them to supply the additional information they requested. The Company will keep its shareholders up to date on any new developments.

Global Earth Energy is also very pleased to announce that its shares are now DWAC/FAST Eligible with the Depository Trust Corporation.

"DTC eligibility is a critical step towards building shareholder value and attracting new investors who may have been restricted from our stock," said Sydney Harland, CEO of Global Earth Energy Inc. "Existing shareholders can now benefit from greater liquidity and execution speeds. We've overcome a significant obstacle in the path to growth for GLER."

About Global Earth Energy

Global Earth Energy Inc. is an oil and gas exploration company focused on developing prime prospects in the United States. Global Earth Energy Inc. teams up with some of the top independent oil and gas drillers and operators in the industry, thereby reducing the risks normally associated with the drilling of wells.

About DTC

The Depository Trust Company (DTC) is a subsidiary of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation DTCC that manages the electronic clearing and settlement of publicly traded companies and other securities. DTC eligibility speeds up the receipt of stock and cash, thus accelerating the settlement process for investors at all levels.

Contact: For additional information, contact: Sydney Harland 910-270-7749 Email Contact."

This press release particularly interested the Penny Stock Dream platform because we saw that it was released in the midst of a significant free fall in the price of the stock. Though it did not begin an upward rise after the release came out, we did find that the company found a bit of stabilization in its stock price after the announcement, dipping only a little bit further, due to investors getting further clarification on the internal business practices. After this special announcement, as stated before, it was another 8 weeks before they released another major announcement to investors. The special news announcement that was most recently released earlier this month, pertained to the appointment the non-binding appointment of a New Director. That special release can be read in its entirety here:

"Global Earth Energy, Inc. (GLER) Announces Non-Binding Agreement with Proposed Prospective Appointment of New Director."

Global Earth Energy, Inc. (GLER.OTCQB). Mr. Sydney A. Harland, the President of Global Earth Energy is pleased to announce that Global Earth Energy, Inc. has entered into a non-binding agreement calling for the proposed prospective appointment of, Mr. Meier (Mack) Frankel to the Board of Directors of Global Earth Energy, Inc.   Mr. Frankel is an accomplished real estate investor, acquisitor and financier.

Mack Frankel has been the owner of Town & Country Commercial Realty for the last 15 years located in Spring Valley, New York. Additionally Mr. Frankel is the owner of Mainline Land Co. LLC, located in Spring Valley, New York. Mainline Land Co. LLC has assembled a combination of income-producing assetsworth $37.45 million mainly comprised of an, equipment-finance leasing company, an office building, an apartment complex, and an executive car service company, respectively located in, Clark's Summit, Pennsylvania; Lynbrook, New York; Bronx, New York; and, Long Island City, New York.

Mr. Frankel's experience in commercial real estate financing and acquisitions will be invaluable to Global Earth Energy as it looks to broaden its corporate strategic direction.

For more information about Global Earth Energy please contact Mr. Sydney A. Harland or Mr. Meier (Mack) Frankel at 1-910-270-7749 and/or Rich Kaiser, Investor Relations, 757-306-6090,

This news release contains forward-looking statements which involve known and unknown risks, delays, and uncertainties not under the Company's control which may cause actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from the results, performance or expectations implied by these forward-looking statements."

With the announcements that this fast growing penny stock has been releasing, Penny Stock Dream firmly believes that there may be a great deal to come as they further announce updates to their revamped strategy. The movement as of the stock as of late suggests that investors firmly believe the same as our own platform, so we will be watching closely to see if the stock is able to continue along this impressive path and move up further beyond its current resistance points. There is a great deal of possibility that there will be far more to come with this impressive penny stock play, so we suggest that all those following along with the platform continue to keep a close eye on what is to come with the powerful changes coming to GLER (Global Earth Energy, Inc.).

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