FPFI (Fresh Promise Foods, Inc.) Closed Up 250% On Massive Buying, After A Major Filing.

FPFI Closed Up 250% Today, After A Major Announcement!

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FPFI made a huge stir within the OTC today, upon releasing a major filing showing that they are now pink sheets current. This tier upgrade, means that they are showing a legitimate interest in making themselves more transparent by filing financial information, to allow investors and the overall public, to be more in tune with their inner workings, by allowing their books to be opened up to the scrutiny of inquiring eyes.

This sort of news is always taken very well by investors because it shows that rather than attempt to fully hide their financial information, they are making it available, which is often times a sign of a company being more trustworthy, due to their being forthright about making information more easily available, that they could have otherwise chosen to keep locked away. As companies move up the tiers of the OTC, they tend to see increased average trading volume, with each step up a tier because the higher the tier, the more investors feel at ease about investing, due to the companies clearly not going out of their way to hide information. It will be very interesting to see what this does for buying pressure moving forward. Clearly, FPFI was no stranger to the positive effects of attaining pink sheets current information status today because the company managed to close up 250%, on more than 196 million shares traded. When considering that this was a release made in the middle of the day, it will certainly be wise to see how things go tomorrow, being that so many more traders will have become aware of the solid push that this company has seen thus far, due to picking up the increased chatter and price movement on scans. The movement today, proved to be a major breakout from it's prior sideways trading pattern, so things may become even more exciting, if it manages to see a blue skies breakout from here.

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