ENYC continues to lag but we expect it to prove itself as a Top Penny Stock breakout play with the coming of the New Year.

ENYC continues to falter as the year comes to a close but rest assured pennystockdream.com still fully expects to see this one make a significant name for itself with a major turnaround. The bulk of the reason for the slowdown thus far still has to do with all of the points that we brought forth in last nights/early this morning's blog post. It's essentially all about timing, with the end of the year always being a very treacherous time for the penny stock exchange, almost across the board. With the end of the year fast approaching, many penny stock investors have chosen to sell of their holdings to bolster their taxes, as is the general case almost annually with regard to investing during this time period. This sort of movement that we are seeing right now is highly expected, especially with the low level of shares currently in the float here. Do not allow these little fluctuations here and there cloud your judgement, if you are one of the various pennystockdream.com subscribers that have decided to take up positions in actively trading this top penny stock pick. ENYC is still looking very strong here and the coming of the New Year will alleviate numerous factors that have been slowing the growth of the share price thus far.

Why 2013? Things will essentially re-set back to the norms that we were seeing before the end of the year started rearing its ugly head. Many of you have noticed that we have significantly slowed down the rate at which we have been releasing information of potential penny stock picks because we recognize that while we do have an obligation to bring you the best penny stocks that we possibly can, we simultaneously want to ensure that we bring you penny stock investment picks with incredible potential during time periods in which there are far fewer obstacles in the way of the growth of these promising companies. As pennystockdream.com and our subscribers see our way into this new year, we expect not only ENYC but the overall penny stock exchange, to gain traction very quickly, as investors will be paying greater attention to the markets with the passing of the holidays and the stoppage in sell offs due to locking in stronger tax filings. We will once again be free and clear of the various obstacles that bog down this troubled penny stock market each end every year during this time period. We suspect that ENYC management will be far more apt to release news in 2013 due to their recognition that all of these obstacles are currently in the way, suggesting that their strongest announcements may not gain the same traction now, that they could after this time frame has passed. Pennystockdream.com continues to look out for all of our subscribers and the general public interested in trading penny stocks, in hopes that we can bring you some serious gains with ENYC, if you have decided to get involved in its trading. We still hold significant expectation that ENYC will be seeing a push beyond $.10 within the relatively near future.


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