EFLN (Efuel Efn Corp.) closed up 83.33% this past Friday on more than 37.4 million shares traded! Subscribe to our penny stock

Interest in trading shares of EFLN (Efuel Efn Corp.) kicked up drastically this past Friday, with this fast moving stock trading more than 37.4 million shares and closing up with gains of 83.33%. In fact, EFLN came very close to puling off a 100% close but closed down on another trade, just before ending the day. The movement seen this past Friday was a significant leg up from its prior trading pattern, leading many to suspect that there may be something brewing behind the scenes; after-all, the company hasn't released any major press releases since June 5th, so it has almost been a full 2 months since major announcements. With this in mind, the next major announcement from this fast moving penny stock play, could easily prove to be the catalyst that can see this sudden momentum continue to move forward in a powerful way. In just 6 weeks time, our exclusive Platinum Membership subscribers have seen gains of more than 1,880%, showing the incredible advantages that our VIP members are able to enjoy. To subscribe to your exclusive Platinum Alert Membership today, go to www.pennystockdream.com/platinum. We are expecting to have some explosive new penny stock picks released to our platinum members in the near future and suggest that all those that have not already signed up to our newsletter service, be sure to do so today, to stay up to date on the very best penny stock alerts.

Our penny stock alert platform has been seeing absolutely incredible gains for our subscribers and we have been just as happy as they have been, to have been able to have brought forth so many fast moving winners, as time has progressed. We will be releasing major special alerts that will be going out to our Platinum Members before anyone else gets to see them. If you would like to get the first look at these major special alerts that are to come before they are released to our free members or the public, be sure to subscribe to your exclusive Platinum Membership package today! You can do this at any time by visiting www.pennystockdream.com/platinum but remember to do it fast, because these special early plays can come at any moment and you don't want to miss out! We always aim to bring the very best penny stocks to our subscribers, that can move fast like EFLN (Efuel Efn Corp.) before they have seen incredible gains. It is for this reason that Penny Stock Dream is the very best Penny Stock Newsletter Organization in existence.

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