DKGR closes up 20% with over 103 Million shares traded after being alerted as on of our Top Penny Stock Picks (Money and Stocks)

DKGR has shown itself to be yet another Top Penny Stock from the alert platform. We decided to alert DKGR not because it was a play that we had initially fixated upon ourselves but rather because we had received an e-mail from an Investors Hub group, saying that there was another group raising awareness for DKGR to a particular subset of investors. As is often the case, we came to the conclusion that with their promotion efforts combined with the strength of our top penny stock newsletter platform, we may have seen a strong push in today's trading, and we were right! Often times when it comes to talk of money and stocks, we have found ourselves very fortunate to find ourselves on the positive side for our subscribers. After our special alert of DKGR last night we saw the stock close up 20% for our subscribers that were most active in their interest in trading penny stocks. While this was a great move it was the impressive volume jump that really caught our attention. DKGR traded over 103,000,000 shares after our special alert, showing that we continue to provide the top penny stock newsletter service in the industry.

We have enjoyed significant advances in our platform this week, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Even during the hurricane, while feeling the effects of the hurricane in NYC, we continued to update all of you, as to our updates regarding the penny stocks that we were keeping tabs on. Even during those treacherous times, our minds were still cast onto money and stocks, in hopes that our subscribers would continue to benefit from our top penny stock alerts. As always we continue to strive to bring all of you the very best alerts within the penny stock exchange, in hopes that we will grow as a community together while simultaneously embracing a give and take of information in hopes that those of us that enjoy trading penny stocks, have more information to work with. So far the platform has continued to strengthen and broaden across the country as our advertising campaigns have become more wholly encompassing. hopes to become a household name by mid 2013 and while we have already seen record subscriber numbers, even this week, we expect to greatly out due these numbers throughout 2013. We continue to be the most trusted penny stock newsletter information source for good reason because we truly engage all of our subscribers in hopes that you all feel as though you have a true voice within our platform. We plan to continue to provide the best penny stock information to our clientele, while simultaneously asking you to conduct your own research to gain a more full understanding of what is going on. Good luck to all, as we surge more heavily into the penny stock exchange together, for the duration of this week.

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