CJTF Closed Up 128.57% Yesterday, As It Continues To Impress for us!

CJTF Closed Up 128.57% Yesterday, As It Continues To Impress.

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CJTF (Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc.) proved itself in a major way yesterday, in a breakout run, beyond any other penny stock for the day yesterday, with a close up a whopping 128.57%. While the move came as no surprise, due to the companies most recent major press release, announcing that they had secured $12.5 million, in notes receivable, for the development of a $7 billion gold discovery, what may surprise many, is the fact that that major announcement came 2 weeks ago.

Yeah, that's right; this news was released two weeks ago and traders didn't get the big picture until now. This is another clear cut example of the importance of awareness, especially when it comes to the penny stock exchange because with these smaller companies, already seeing less trading volume than larger corporations, if they have not managed to generate enough awareness to the strength and growth of their brands, news like that can fall to the wayside. It is for situations lie this, that we choose to provide detailed awareness campaigns, in order to bring these solid gems to the attention of traders, that may have otherwise remained unnoticed. With the sort of movement that this company saw yesterday, it will definitely be pricing up a great deal more attention, from here, so be sure to watch it carefully.

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